Cannabis tourist remains welcome in Amsterdam


Amsterdam- Foreign tourists remain welcome in Amsterdam coffee shops for the time being. This is what Minister Opstelten has said following the decision of the municipality to ban smoking weed from schools. The ban applies to schoolyards of high schools and vocational schools.

Amsterdam has already said several times that tourists should continue to get access. That intention is now honored.
The coalition agreement states that only residents should have access to coffee shops. Nevertheless, it also says that the enforcement of the residency criterion should be consulted with the municipalities, that introduction happens in stages if necessary and that customization will be offered.


According to Opstelten, the Amsterdam ban on smoking weed in schools and the actions accompanying it are examples of a local coffee shop policy. “This is dimensioning that appeals to me, this is exactly what we intend,” the minister says. Opstelten has called postponement of the residency criterion in Amsterdam a pragmatic solution.

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