Is Spain thinking about legalizing cannabis to obtain more tax?

Amsterdam- On Thursday, there was a strange debate in the Spanish Parliament with the Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz Gallardón present at that time. The debate was in fact about whether or not to legalize marijuana to generate more much needed tax revenue.

The minister was asked this question by some MPs on Thursday, and the response of the minister was short and clear: he has always been against. However, this does not mean there is no thinking about a similar idea, though not so openly said so. It could be quite a good source of income, since there is currently quite some illegal smoking going on in Spain.

Private use

To the question of an MP, whether the minister has smoked hashish once or more himself, the Catholic minister answered neatly and concise: never in his life. He does say that he has had several cases of drug abuse and its consequences in his presence. Many young people begin with the use of marijuana, which is not fatal but it can easily tip to deadly and highly addictive drugs, the minister says.


A possible legalization of marijuana could bring the public treasury a large pot of money. The first calculations assume a 6 billion netting business, which could bring the public treasury between 200 and 500 million Euro of taxpayers’ money. In addition, thousands of jobs could be created by a possible legalization.

For now, the minister does not want to think about legalization of marijuana, but he is also not completely against it, several Spanish media indicate. It is just no matter that is internally talked about in the current government.

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