Make a Bhang Lassi weed shake


Bhang Lassi

The Lassi is a very popular yoghurt-based drink. It originates and is traditionally used in India. Bhang Lassi is a special variation of the Lassi that contains “Bhang”. Bhang is a marijuana oil or tincture. It is mainly used during “Holy” an Indian spring festival also know as the festival of Colours or Love festival.


15g | 0.5oz of your favorite marijuana
1 cup water
2 cups warm whole milk
1 tablespoon cocnut milk
1 pinch powdered ginger (optional)
1 to 2 fruits of choice
1 tablespoon honey or sugar (add more if you are a sweet tooth)

Note: We use milk for this shake because THC dissolves best in milk. If you prefer to make the Lassi with yoghurt just grind your marijuana to fine powder and blend it with fruit and honey.

Kitchen stuff

1 Teapot
1 bowl

How to prepare

Bring your water to boil in the teapot. Add you marijuana and let it brew for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain the marijuana. Grind the marijuana slowly with the milk. Strain the milk, pour into the bowl and put aside. Add the coconut milk, ginger and boiled water, stir and let it cool off.

Put the cooled mixture in to the blender, add your favorite fruit like bananas (my favorite!), strawberries, black berries or kiwifruit. Add honey. Now Blend it!

Enjoy your Bhang Lassi and spread Love everyday!

Note: This recipe contains marijuana. Marijuana strength levels vary by marijuana strain. We can only give an average amount for this recipe. Use your own judgment when measuring your marijuana based on your knowledge of your normal usage and common sense.

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