Minister Opstelten explores small scale cannabis cultivation

Amsterdam- Minister Ivo Opstelten is identifying which municipalities have plans to regulate marijuana cultivation and has promised to investigate small-scale cannabis cultivation in Europe and the U.S. He says so in response to questions asked in the House.

Several Brabant municipalities, including Tilburg and Eindhoven, would like to have the ability to experiment with local regulated cannabis cultivation.

In violation of legal regulations

The probability that the Ministry permits this seems quite small, since the minister indicates in the same answers that there is no room for local initiatives deviating from legal regulations. He refers to the UN conventions, EU law, and the Opium Act.

Yet the Justice Department is going to investigate small-scale cannabis cultivation. The study implies that the Ministry will consider what the consequences of referenda in the U.S. states of Washington and Colorado are. In those States, citizens chose to legalize marijuana. What that means in practice is still unclear.


‘The minister will see how it goes in those states,’ a representative of the Ministry has said. ‘The minister will also see how the results of the referenda relate to the policies of the central government in the United States.’ Opstelten will thus mainly examine the impact of such plans.

In some places in Europe, there are similar initiatives that the minister is examining. The minister especially looks at the legal side of the matter in the investigation.

The SP has also asked the minister what the whole fight against marijuana crime actually costs, but Opstelten does not give transparency about that. He says he simply does not know. The minister indicates that there are no separate records of the costs for the control of certain types of crime.

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