Political party VVD questions strong weed control

Amsterdam- The VVD sees a problem with the control by coffee shops on the sale of too strong weed. The government does not allow this anymore, but the coffee shop owner cannot easily control how strong the weed is that he gets delivered.

According VVD MP Ard van der Steur, there is equipment with which the coffee shop owner can measure how strong his wares are, but it could be possible that the supply of this equipment runs into problems. As it happens, the government is scheduling to criminalize the preparation of cannabis cultivation. Van der Steur fears that the supply of this equipment is covered by this terminology.

He also wonders whether anything can be done against selling fake drugs, which mainly seems to be a problem in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. People are offered coughing remedies or even crushed fluorescent tubes. Van der Steur wants to know from Minister Ivo Opstelten (Justice) whether this can be prohibited.

Hash Prohibition

His proposal to end tolerating the sale of hashish in the coffee shop did not go well with the opposition, but found resonance among coalition partner CDA and condoning partner PVV. The hash is largely from abroad. The parties find it strange that from the sale in the Netherlands, international drug gangs can benefit.
There is more; customs does its best for intercepting the means, while they can subsequently be sold once they are in the Netherlands.

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