A Hindu Kush History Lesson

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If you have ever heard of cannabis, you’ve likely heard the word ‘Kush,’ a name given to various cannabis strains that has a surprisingly rich history. Kush strains are named as such because of the mountains from which their landrace is derived – landrace meaning the wild cannabis that grows in nature. Kush’s landrace is the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, a picturesque place once known for its abundant wild cannabis growth.

During the 1970

The Hindu Kush mountains are located within the Himalayas and are both incredibly beautiful and dangerous. Despite the fact that the US military is still stationed there, there have been periods of time in the past where this small sector knew peace. In fact, during the 1970s people used to visit the mountains all the time to search for the wild cannabis that had been known to grow there for years – and, when they found it, the cannabis world changed forever.

Soil in the mountains

Some people say that Kush strains are so potent because the genetics of the variety had centuries to flourish untouched within the mountains, and so were kept safe from being messed with by people. The soil in the mountains is also said to be incredibly rich, and so it is no surprise that, when combined with decent sun exposure, the marijuana that grew on this mountain was incredible.

100% indica

The people who visited the Hindu Kush mountains and found seeds used to smuggle them back to their home countries, combining them with others to create a whole new variety of hybrids. A pure Kush is 100% indica, which people often say makes them feel drowsy and euphoric. It is also fantastic for relieving pain and has an incredibly high THC content.

Grandfather strains

In appearance, real Kush with possess orange-tinged hairs and look a little frosty because of its trichomes. Good quality Kush should also feel a bit sticky, which usually means it has a high THC content. One of the hallmarks of Kush is its distinct smell, as if taking you through the mountains from which they derived, there is a potent pine aroma.

All in all, Kush is one of the grandfather strains of cannabis from which many hybrids we all know, and love have come from. And, furthermore,  It’s important to know your cannabis history, what with all the propaganda and anti-cannabis lies that get spread from time to time – so I hope this article has educated you at least a little into the origins and legacy of a legendary cannabis strain.

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