Can weed help with a brain concussion?

Can weed help with a brain concussion?
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A brain concussion is very painful and the symptoms can be annoying and last a long time. There are not many ways to relieve the pain. Can weed possibly help with a brain concussion and offer a more effective treatment?

How weed can help with a brain concussion


A concussion is a traumatic experience. The effects last very long. Often people still have problems with it months later. And in some cases even years later. It takes a lot of time to recover from a concussion. There is often nothing else to do but wait. This is because the brain repairs itself, but this healing process is very slow.

Symptoms of a brain concussion

Haven’t we been told from all kinds of cannabis opponents for a long time that weed is actually bad for the brain? That marijuana use actually causes damage to the brain cells? How come it turns out that it is the other way around? Let us be clear that there is still a lot of research to be done and that we should not draw hasty conclusions. But recent studies suggest that cannabinoids help improve nerves that are damaged. The effects of weed on the brain are positive in that regard. But again, we have to be careful because research is still at an early stage.

How do brain concussions arise?

brain concussions in American Football

In the event of an accident or a severe blow, the ends of the nerves in the skull can be damaged. Brain fluid protects the brain. But with a large impact, the fluid cannot prevent the brain from colliding with the inside of the skull. This is a very traumatic experience for the brain and the body.

A concussion usually occurs in an accident. Or by a slap on the head. The symptoms mainly consist of severe headache and nausea. Brain concussions are also common during extreme sports. Think of contact sports such as American football and boxing.

Weed treatment and brain concussion

There is not much evidence that weed can treat a concussion. The links between these two are not there yet. But it is known that the cannabinoids in weed have a positive effect on the brain. In addition, weed can help with symptoms such as nausea that may still be present months later. Although there is no real scientific evidence, there are many patients who do not want to wait.

We know that the endocannabinoid system is connected to the human body and that it has positive effects on all kinds of ailments. The complete effect of weed and the precise role of the endocannabinoid system must be further researched. But the fact that a lot of people benefit from weed in the case of a brain concussion, says a lot.

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