Growing Weed At Home – The 411

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Most people have probably thought about growing their own pot plants at some point in their lives, but it might actually be easier than some believe it to be. There’s one spot in every person’s home that’s, well, pretty perfect for the growth of a cannabis plant: the windowsill. Not everybody has the means or the time to put together a big, fancy grow and, to be honest, the windowsill has almost everything a weed plant needs to develop fully anyway. Let’s jump right in and talk a little bit more about how this process is done:

The Simple Stuff

A windowsill is an ideal spot for a small cannabis grow as they usually have quite a bit of natural light. Of course, it isn’t the absolute best place, and it definitely isn’t the most subtle, but it is certainly a decent option for those who don’t have access to other means. A good light source is one of the main things a cannabis plant needs to survive, and a windowsill will provide it.

Location, Location, Location…

First and foremost, it is integral that you place your plants in a good location. Obviously if you only have one window in your home then you don’t have much choice, but for those of you who have several it’s a good idea to make sure your little grow is in the spot that receives the most sun during the day. Try not to grow out of a west facing window, and instead opt for an east or south facing one if you can.

Choose The Best Pot For Your Pot

Deciding which container to use can be tricky, especially if you don’t really know the differences between the types of pots that are available. In the case of a windowsill grow, it is best to try and find a narrow pot so that you can be sure it’ll fit where you want it to – though keep in mind that the pot should still be large enough to allow your plant to grow, so perhaps opt for a narrow but tall container.

The main kinds of pot are flower pots, smart pots, and air pots. A smart pot is probably best for around the house, seeing as they have their own water drainage system. On the smart pot website, they come in both tan and black colours. Tan pots are the better of the two options because they keep your soil cooler during sun exposure.

Some Final Tips

Growing weed is always going to be a bit of a challenge, and maybe even more so if you’re carrying the process out on a windowsill. Although, if you do it right you may save yourself some cash. Some other things to keep in mind, in terms of doing it right, is to always opt for auto-flowering varieties where you can. This is because they don’t grow super tall and tend to have fast growing cycles.

Soil is another aspect of growing that should be taken into account and so you should always make sure to use the best soil available to you. Good quality soil will be dark and rich, and you should try to avoid any soil that has clay in it. You should also ensure that the soil you purchase contains the macronutrients your plants need to survive, these being nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Have you every grown cannabis at home? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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