Marijuana for Back Pain

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As you know, marijuana offers numerous health benefits. The cannabis plant contains several antioxidants and nutrients. With each passing day, we continue to understand more about our beloved ganja plant. One of the key secrets of marijuana lies in its anti-inflammatory properties. Our improved understanding of the marijuana plant has contributed to the development of effective back pain treatment methods using marijuana. The good news for you is that you can now use marijuana to relieve your back pain.

A brief history of marijuana and pain treatment

Since ancient times, ganja was cultivated for its medicinal purposes. Throughout this time, our ancestors used the plant as a miraculous cure a diverse array of ailments, including pain. In the ancient Netherlands, marijuana was used as a painkiller on patients who were very ill. Ancient civilizations in India and Greece also used marijuana for its pain-relieving properties. However, marijuana was introduced to western medicine for therapeutic purposes in the 19th century. Since then, our understanding of the use of marijuana for its medicinal properties has increased considerably. We have now reached a time where the benefits of the ganja plant are finally being reintroduced into the medical practice. Countless people now use marijuana for back pain problems.

Alternative for traditional medicine

Opioids and other pain-relieving drugs have for a long time, been the primary choice of medication for back pain.  Opioids are highly effective drugs that relieve pain by interacting with the nervous system. However, they are highly addictive and have undesirable withdrawal symptoms. In addition, overdoses on opioids are fatal in numerous cases, which is a cause for concern.

Marijuana vs. Opioids

So, to the big question. Is marijuana better than opioids? Marijuana offers a more exciting and safer alternative for patients struggling with back pain. Back pain can be very severe, and it is advisable to handle it in the best possible way, by using marijuana.

Cannabinoids and pain

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemicals in the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids, found in marijuana, are similar to cannabinoids that the body releases in response to appetite, movement, memory, and pain. In the early 1970s, scientists developed synthetic cannabinoids to relieve pain in cancer patients. Synthetic cannabinoids are effective in relieving chronic back pain, but what if we told you of a better option?

So should you turn to a specific compound or should you use the whole plant itself? Raw, unadulterated marijuana contains more cannabinoids than synthetic Marinol, which is used to treat back pain. There are several subcategories of cannabinoids that create different psychological reactions. THC is very psychologically active in comparison to other categories of cannabinoids. However, taking THC in combination with other cannabinoids creates a better outcome for people who struggle with back pain.

Raw plant vs. THC


One of the key differences between traditional and western medicine is that western medicine tends to pinpoint a specific compound that is responsible for relieving pain or treating a specific ailment. This approach contradicts the holistic approach to medicine, which encourages the use of a specific substance in its entirety for its numerous medicinal properties.

The entourage effect perfectly describes the mechanism through which different cannabis compounds such as THC, CBD, and terpenes combine to create an effect that is more powerful and effective than what the individual elements would produce on their own. In every marijuana plant, there are unique combinations of terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. These compounds work synergistically to create better outcomes for pain relief.

So, rather than having a ‘boring experience’, we recommend using the raw plant to manage your back pain. It is best practice to use the whole cannabis plant with CBD, THC, in combination with the natural blend of additional compounds to create the entourage effect.

CBD and THC user experience

Using THC and CBD concurrently has been shown to improve the efficacy of cannabis in pain treatment. CBD counteracts the anxiety and sedative high associated with THC. It also increases the lasting effects of THC, which improves the pain-relieving benefits.

Onto the next question. What is the ideal balance of CBD and THC for pain-relieving? Different strains have unique concentrations of CBD and THC, which create unique user experiences. This information is useful when deciding which strain is effective for pain-relief purposes.

High CBD Strains

CBD exhibits pain-relieving properties when used on its own and when combined with THC. CBD is best suited for inflammatory pain when used alone. It reduces inflammation, mainly by inhibiting inflammatory receptors CBD also potentiates glycine receptors, which help to reduce pain in the spine, suppressing both neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

High THC strains

THC is used in the treatment of central and neuropathic pain. It also helps to reduce pain in patients who have developed resistance to other pain treatment methods.

When choosing the perfect strain for relieving back pain, it is important that you consider the ratio of THC to CBD. Ideally, you should choose a strain that has a relatively high CBD and THC content. Additionally, you are more likely to receive pain relief from a strain that has a high CBD to THC ratio. This is because CBD helps to mitigate some of the side effects of THC while providing anti-inflammatory relief at the same time.

However, in some other cases, you might want to choose a strain with a higher CBD and lower THC content. For example, if you want to relief from pain without affecting your mental function, then you are better off using a strain with a high CBD to THC ratio.

In situations where the pain is overwhelming, and you would want to take your mind off the pain, then a strain with a higher THC ratio would be more effective.

Strains that are ideal for back pain relief include White Widow, and purple power.

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