Girl scout cookies xtrm ® feminized

The feminized Girl Scout Cookies XTRM is the ultimate result obtained after crossing the F3 White Widow XTRM and the regular Girl Scout Cookies strain. This regular strain used to be the talk of the town in original place – California, and at they had to roll their sleeves and improve it further to be Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Fem. Today, she gets praised for her plentitude of euphoric effects 

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Stereotypes about pot smokers

We all know that there are many stereotypical ideas about stoners going around. How did these stereotypes come about? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you get rid of them…

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Cannabis trichomes

Ever wondered what the sticky stuff is on top of your flower tops? This is a layer of resin, produced by the trichomes of your weed plant. Concentrates such as…

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