Master kush

Any typical Kush strain is worth growing at any serious pothead’s farm, and this doesn’t exclude the real regular master – Master Kush. The effects are fantastically profoundly relaxing, and you can rely on her to the entirety for promoting a slight sense of sleepiness should you be battling insomnia. He also has a vintage taste, which, when coupled with the fantastic effects, you will keep on loving the master even further. 

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Important information about this strain

This strain is unlike any other – we guarantee you’ll fall in love with our Master Kush. Smoking this one will soothe your worries and ease your pain relaxing you without making you feel sedated. She smells lovely, with hints of citrus and musk – what’s not to love?

Master Kush really is the master, and it isn’t hard to see why. Its effects take a little while to kick in, but once they do you won’t be disappointed. Instead, you’ll receive a lovely whole-body buzz that will make you feel relaxed without feeling too heavy. This strain is also said to make everything appear nicer and brighter, so why not sit down with this strain and watch a cool movie, or go and visit something funky and visual?

If you don’t believe us about how good this strain is, its awards will speak for it. Master Kush has won the Cannabis Cup twice because of its amazing effects. Master Kush is characterized by its bright green appearance and bushy orange hairs. Each and every bud is super sweet and citrusy, making for a very smooth and pleasant smoke.


Most indicas tend to knock you out like a light, but not this one. Master Kush will relax your body will making sure you remain focused and sharp. This makes this strain absolutely perfect for medicinal use.