The History of 420

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Moat smokers personal favourite holiday falls in April. And no, it isn’t Easter. If you haven’t already guessed, 4/20 is approaching – a day for stoners all around the world to toke up and smoke to their hearts content. However, most people don’t know much about the holiday at all. This article is here to educate all you cannabis lovers out there on the history of the day we all know and love, 4/20:

Global Phenomenon

4/20 is pretty much a global phenomenon, with people all around the world lighting up at 4.20pm on the 20th of April every single year. For most people, the origins of this phenomenon are totally unknown and, to be honest, there are lots of conflicting stories about it too. For example, some people claim that it’s a secret police code that is used by police to talk about people consuming cannabis, while others propose that is has to do with the amount of chemicals in the plant.

High schoolers

The truth of the real origins are actually a lot more simple and modest than this. The real story is that a group of teenagers from California used to meet up at 4.20pm after class to search for a hidden cannabis grow that was rumored to be located somewhere near their school. They never found the plantation, but they decided to keep using the phrase ‘4/20’ to refer to anything weed-related. You may be thinking about the validity of this story, I mean, how did a small group of high schoolers manage to spread around their banter to the extent that is reaches the entire world? Well, they met some famous people.

Promotional Flyers

The high schoolers actually ended up forming quite the friendship with Grateful Dead, a legendary rock band. Being so close to the band, I can only assume that they eventually came to be in on the joke and so adopted the numbers themselves, using them in promotional flyers at gigs.

So there you have it, the short, sweet, and humble beginnings of 4/20. Knowing how simply the whole holiday began adds even more meaning to a day that is already loved by many. In fact, knowing the correct history of any event is pretty satisfying. I hope everybody has a sunny and enjoyable 4/20 – happy smoking!

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