Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank is the Netherlands’ largest online seedbank for growers and cannabis enthusiasts. We were founded in 1995. On our website you will find an extensive range of cannabis products. But of course also cannabis fertilizers, mushrooms, information on cannabis and much more.

We founded this online seedbank, because we noticed that there was also a lot of consumer demand for the type of items that we sell.

We have experienced significant growth in recent years. The small building that we once started in, moved to a large office building in Amsterdam. We now work with more than 15 employees five days a week to ensure that our online seed shop is there for you!

New strains must always be sourced, the website must be kept up-to-date, the orders must be collected and sent and, of course most importantly, the customers must be satisfied!

To make our customers happy, our customer service is ready for you from Monday to Friday. Customer friendliness is our top priority. We try to answer all emails as well and as quickly as possible.