Privacy Policy

This website is governed by the privacy policy, cookies that support websites. You may be wondering if it is still necessary for a site to use privacy policy. The simple answer is, ‘Yes!’

Thanks to the privacy policy, our users are able to know how to navigate through the different pages of our website. Whenever your privacy and security is concerned, our privacy policy helps us to know how we can serve you even better.

In addition, it is in this privacy policy page that we detail everything about this website. For instance, we will give you information on how this website receives processes, protects, and stores personal information of the various users.

The Website

The owners of this website, the website itself, and whatever that takes place in this website is protected securely. For that reason, we are obliged to take proactive measures to protect your privacy whenever you visit our site.

We have taken all the requisite steps to ensure your security and the privacy of your data is guaranteed at all times especially during the time you visit our website. Of course, our website adheres to all regulations laid down by the 2018 European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Use Of Cookies

In order to better the user experience, this website makes use of cookies. Thanks to technology and where possible, the website makes use of a cookie control management system. With this cookie control system, it gives the user, especially first –time users an opportunity to allow or disallow the cookies on their devices. Why is this important?

First, it is in compliance to the recent legislation and regulation by the GRDP.

Second, when we do so, we ensure that each user who allows or disallows the use of cookies on their devices does so without pressure. It makes sense. Doesn’t it? When you allow the use of cookies, it means you have consented and when you do not, it simply means you do not want the use of cookies on your device throughout any time that you visit our website.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny files. They are usually stored in computer hard drive. They are used to track, process and store files related to each website every time a user visits a particular website. Thanks to cookies, that in part are stored in the website’s system, the user is bound to receive unique user-experience every time the user returns to the website.

In other words, cookies help the user to get the best user experience every time the user goes back to the website using the same device or computer the person used the previous time.

Nobody will force you to use or allow the use of cookies from this website. In fact, before you decide to use of not to use cookies, the question pops up on your computer screen. It is up to you to agree or not to agree the use of cookies from this website to your computer.

If you wish not to use cookies from our website, we advise you check your computer’s settings. From there, you are able to turn off the setting that allows for automatic permission of using cookies from any website.

Alternatively, you can check from your computer’s security settings, which will then block all automatic redirections or saving of cookies from external serving vendors.

To monitor how various visitors use their time, this website uses some form of tracking software. The critical aim is to give all users the real value of their time on the site. Google provides us with the software through Google Analytics. Thanks to the plug in, we are able to track how various visitors use their quality time when they visit our website.

The software works by storing a cookie inside your computer or device’s hard drive. The cookie then monitors how you use your time on this website. However, the software does not collect, process, or even store your personal information such as passwords, IDs, and other personal information that are deemed sensitive.

For further information on Google’s Privacy Policy on various websites and their obligation, you can visit

Turn Off Cookies

Most browsers now have standard procedures, which govern how people can search and use information when looking for something online. The standards give you the liberty top accept or deny the use of cookies on your computer.

If you deem fit, you can adjust the settings from your end every time you go online or want to check on something online. However, it is important to know that because of the change in settings, chances of change of behavior on certain websites can be felt.

In other words, some features or websites may not function properly after the adjustment of the privacy settings.

Contact & Communication

Users are free to contact this website and its owners. When they do, users are at liberty to provide personal information or they can choose not to give out such sensitive information. Whatever they decide to do, it is to their own discretion and risk.

When it is necessary to give your personal information, the reads and stores the information, provided it is reasonable to do so. The information is discarded when it is deemed not necessary to store it further.

The decision to keep the information for as long as it is viable to keep it and to discard it when it is no longer needed is in compliance to the 2018 regulation on how various websites use and manage users’ information by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Whatever you decide, know that deliberate efforts have been made to ensure your personal information that you provide to the website is kept safe and secure. However, it is always important to know that every time you decide to use email submission, you do so at your own risk.

How We Use Information Derived From You

The owners of this website use the information we get from you purely for professional purposes. Essentially, we use the information we get from you to better your user experience. One best way we use the information we get from you is to communicate to you about our products.

If any product you placed an order for is not in stock or has just been restocked, we use the same information you provided to alert you about the product or service. In addition, we use the information to answer some of the questions or concerned raised by our readers.

We can also ask you to subscribe to our email list. The list contains repeat and satisfied clients who want to continue doing business with us. Such clients deserve constant update in the event of a new product or service.

If a client bought from us or any other affiliated site for that matter, and want to enquire if she/he can get the same product or service, we can easily contact the client using the same details they registered with.

When we do, we are simply giving you what you deserve – the right to receiving information on a product or service from a site you purchased from or you game your contact information.

As we do this, you need to be sure about one thing – we do not share any of your personal information or the conversation with any of our customer support staff with any third parties. The communication remains purely on the platform for ideal user experience.

Email Newsletter

Like many other websites, this site runs an email newsletter system. As it were, the newsletter program helps us to give our readers timely information when we place new products on the catalogue.

To subscribe, users are urged to do so using an automated online process if they wish to. Whenever they decide, they will see that the process is quick and does not involve a lot. They only need to key in their email address and a password they can remember.

While many of the newsletter processes are automatic, some of the processes may require that you fill in the short form manually. Whichever way you choose to sign up for the process, you need to be sure that the information you provide will be secure and safe.

Again, all subscriptions are obtained and signed in accordance to the GDPR regulation issued out to all website users in 2018.  Subsequently, all private information given to us is kept in compliance to the same regulation.

At no point shall we give or share your private and personal information to and with third parties. According to the GDPR, you have every right to request a copy of the personal information you sent to us. That way, you are able to verify the information you gave us and if anything, edit and update it if need be. However, if that happens, you need to know that a small fee for processing the stored information will be applicable.

Can I Unsubscribe From The Newsletter?

Oh, yes! The European Union General Data Protection Regulation of 2018 stipulates that every user has the legal right of subscribing or unsubscribing from the email newsletter. No website or company shall force its users to sign up for the newsletter or even opt out from the newsletter whenever they want.

You can get all the information on how to unsubscribe from the newsletter at the footer of each email you receive from us.

External Links

It is general practice for an authority website like ours to link to other authority site. Because of that, we endeavor to obtain quality external links that we have studied for a while. When we finally decide to partner, we can decide to put the websites’ links on some of our top pages.

Although we check on the authenticity, security and safety of the websites we decide to link to, there may be subtle details that we may not be able to confirm. Because of that, caution is needed for anyone clicking on the links.

In elaboratory words, try as we may, we cannot verify with all manner of certainty about the quality and the type of content on all the websites we decide to link to externally. Therefore, users should know that if they click on the external links, they will do so on their own risk.

Neither this veru site site nor its owners will be held accountable for any damages and or implications that may be caused by clicking on external links on this website.

Adverts & Sponsored Links

Apart from external links, this website may also contain something else – sponsored links and other advertisements. The sponsored links and advertisements are also regulated by in-house rules and regulations that have been communicated to the owners of the links and advertisements.

When and if a user clicks on the links, he/she should know that this site does not sell anything on the sponsored link or advert. As such, the site would not be liable for any damage or implication that comes with the act of clicking on the links.

By clicking on the advertorial or sponsored link, you agree that you are leaving our site to visit another site. It is true that the site will track the number of clients we referred their way but whatever you do with the site is not recorded on our website.

As mentioned at the beginning of this Privacy Policy note, the website and your computer will store certain information for remembrance and future user experience. If this happens, again, Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank would not be liable for the other website’s and your computer’s storage of cookies.

Social Media Platforms

Just like other websites, our site utilizes social media platforms. These social media platforms make communication and client engagement simple, efficient, and fast. Although social medial platforms perform an important role in the communication, we adhere to the custom regulations set out by the respective social media platforms.

Each user is advised to use the various social media platforms wisely to communicate and engage with us and other users with due caution. Neither this website not its owners will ask you for your private and personal information.

Your personal name on the various social media platforms will always remain private and confidential to you. Even if this website, its owners, or workers were to get some information from you, they would not ask for your personal information such as ID card number, PIN, or even passwords to your various social, media platforms.

If necessary, we advise that you discuss sensitive details via telephone or email. Nonetheless, all information that this website may obtain from you will only be kept and used for business for as long as we need the information.

To help us share the content, this website uses social sharing buttons. Before you click on any social media-sharing button, you are advised to check on the kind of information you share. Whatever happens after you’ve shared our information is out of us. This website or the owners will not be held responsible for whatever happens to the web content you will share.

This website may, therefore decide to save some information from your action that it might deem important and discard it whenever it is necessary.

Shortened Links On Our Social Media Platforms

In order to reach as many readers with information as possible, this website or its owners may decide to post on their respective social media platforms to post shortened versions of some posts and web pages.

Whether it is by the use of url shorteners or various social media platforms, chances are some of the links we share on those social media platforms are shortened.

Many a times, it is hard for anyone to know what a shortened url will lead to unless there are a few words that accompany the shortened urls.

Despite our team’s efforts to sieve through the various urls, it is possible various media platforms to come with spammy or default information that are not otherwise readable. Such information may not be genuine but come from hackers whose aim is to use your personal information for their own selfish pursuits.

In the end, when these hackers visit your site or even attack your site, this website or the owners will not be held liable for any damages henceforth.


Our goal is to use whatever information we obtain from users who have given us consent for the purpose mentioned above. The only time this website or its owners uses information not listed in this privacy policy is if we have requested and explained to the individual user.

Third Parties

As mentioned before, no information obtained from readers will be shared with any third parties. When possible, the information obtained from users whose consent is obtained beforehand is and will only be used by the website and a few individuals who have been entrusted with the mandate of handling clients’ sensitive data.

On rare and extreme occasions, the information obtained from customers with whom the site and the owners have consent may be shared with a few selected members internally. Whenever that happens, the purpose is to help the reader or the user get the best experience when using our website.

Those who are entrusted with users’ information are under oath not to share the information with any other person whether internally or externally.


Our privacy policy and TC’s (terms and conditions) of use work as long as this website exists. In the event that there are changes to this website, there will also be changes to the Privacy Policy, which again will be communicated in written.

The written information will then be published to be accessed to members of the public.

 It is therefore important that you check on the privacy policy from time to time to acquaint yourself with the chances if any.

Choice on Using Your Personal Information

At any given time, the user is at liberty to decide on how his or her information will be used. As such, users have a change to access, edit and upload their personal information to the website. We, on the other hand, save the information given to us in a safe and secure place until it is no longer necessary to keep the information.

Removal or Change Of Personal Information

As is the case when using personal information, users are at liberty to access their personal information, edit, change, or even remove it completely from our system whenever they want. To be able to do so, you need to contact our team that is in charge of users’ information. The team will be glad to help you do whatever it pleases you with your information at a time you want to do so.

Questions and Feedbacks

Our team of customer support receives dozens of enquiries on a daily basis. The team puts in the effort as much as possible to provide the users with relevant answerers as possible. Whenever more time is required, for the team to do extra consultation the team finds the right answers to the user, the team does so.

Each user will receive their answer to the question they ask. The support team does not share customer worries or concerns with other colleagues unless during consultation if need be.