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Betty Carol

I'm Betty Carol, a woman who enjoys playing with words around autoflowers, growing cannabis, improving yield, and cannabis strains. Tears of happiness always fill my eyes whenever I read success stories of successfully growing autoflowering cannabis strains and whenever you get bumper yields from the pot.
Autoflower plants

Why Are My Marijuana Autoflowers So Small?

Reading Time: 10 minutes All cannabis farmers strive to grow a healthy crop and maximize good yields. With the right tips, strain, and tricks, that is possible. With Marijuana Autoflowers strains, you expect fast returns than the normal Cannabis

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cannabis companion plants

Cannabis Companion Plants

Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you have some space left in your cannabis garden? Basil is a useful companion plant that can help your weed plants in all sorts of ways. This also applies to mint plants. These herb

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importance of cannabis trichomes

Cannabis trichomes

Reading Time: 8 minutes Ever wondered what the sticky stuff is on top of your flower tops? This is a layer of resin, produced by the trichomes of your weed plant. Concentrates such as Wax, hashish and BHO are

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smoking pot and studying

Smoking pot and studying

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you a student and do you smoke pot while studying? Have you ever wondered if that influences your study results? Let’s dive in, because it’s an interesting topic. Read on and check all the

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Growing Weed Outdoors

Reading Time: 3 minutes Consuming weed is a fantastic experience. But using weed that you have grown yourself is even more fun and very satisfying. So buy the weed seeds of your choice and start growing weed outdoors! Cultivating

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watering can

Watering Weed Plants

Reading Time: 4 minutes Novice growers often encounter the same questions. Before you start growing a weed plant you don’t think about it that much, but how much water do you actually have to give your weed plant? A

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cannabis micro cultivation

What Is Cannabis Micro Cultivation?

Reading Time: 3 minutes You hear a lot about cannabis micro cultivation lately, but what does it mean exactly? The core of micro cultivation is that you only use a few seeds. You grow your cannabis plants in a

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Useful Cannabis Growing Tips

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mycorrhizas are associations between plant roots and helpful fungi, created when the two work together. It is a very beneficial relationship for both parties, protecting them from disease as well as increasing nutrient uptake. Let’s

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