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Roots in Amsterdam

This website is started by cannabis enthusiasts in 2005, but we’ve been growing marijuana since long before that! Our roots lie in Amsterdam, but nowadays we have experts from all over the world writing for our website. With our extensive network of cannabis growers, we always find the right expert to tell you more about specific topics. Nowadays we focus on in-depth guides about growing cannabis, but we go further than just the basics. If you’ve been growing for a few years already, you won’t be disappointed with our guides about increasing yield. We also write about hydroponics, marijuana recipes and just about everything related to weed.

Meet our experts

Our team of bloggers consist of 5 passionate writers, each with their own specialty’s, always working on creating the best content for our readers. They try to experiment as much as possible with lots of different growing methods. When people tell us about their best methods, we put them to the test to verify the claimed results.

Tom farmer marijuana expert

Tom Farmer

The first writer on Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, I specialize in writing about three different marijuana topics. Those are cannabis growing, seeds’ genetics, and storing/curing of weed. I have professionally and successfully cultivated pot for more than a decade, and I own a cannabis dispensary. 

Betty Carol smoking weed

Betty Carol

I’m Betty Carol, a woman who enjoys playing with words around autoflowers, growing cannabis, improving yield, and cannabis strains. Tears of happiness always fill my eyes whenever I read success stories of successfully growing autoflowering cannabis strains and whenever you get bumper yields from the pot. 

Check our marijuana seed reviews

For the past few years, we reviewed more than 100 marijuana strains, right from the city of marijuana: Amsterdam. Most of the reviews are about strains of feminized seeds, autoflowers or medical strains. 

Amsterdam seeds genetics

Cannabis seeds are often referred as Amsterdam seeds or Amsterdam weed seeds, as Amsterdam was the first city in the world to specialize in cannabis seeds trade. Amsterdam seed shop, amsterdam seed banks or amsterdam seed center are street or online places that specialize in preserving original marijuana landrace genetics. Each seed bank amsterdam has its own unique “amsterdam seed” original strains that this center is protecting, breeding and selling. Our Amsterdam Seed bank prides itself in unique African and Asian strains, and all cannabis enthusiasts are welcome to buy our marijuana seeds from amsterdam online. While you browse, please know, we are one of amsterdam seed banks that ship to usa. Seeds from Amsterdam are the best genetics you can get, as our landrace strains are kept stable and pure since 1996. Our Amsterdam seed center ships seeds from Amsterdam location worldwide. Amsterdam seeds ship to US and Europe within 2-4 weeks delivery time.