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Tom farmer marijuana expert

Tom Farmer

The first writer on Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, I specialize in writing about three different marijuana topics. Those are cannabis growing, seeds’ genetics, and storing/curing of weed. I have professionally and successfully cultivated pot for more than a decade, and I own a cannabis dispensary. 

Before I introduce any new grass to my dispensary, I have to thoroughly research the seeds’ genetics, grow the very strain myself, and cure/dry it to meet the final customer’s expectations. With that in mind, I am, therefore, in a position to create or curate pieces of relevant writings that resonate with what I have already done. I take pleasure in enlightening fellow growers and connoisseurs so that the green culture can press on now than ever, and days to come.

Betty Carol

I’m Betty Carol, a woman who enjoys playing with words around autoflowers, growing cannabis, improving yield, and cannabis strains. Tears of happiness always fill my eyes whenever I read success stories of successfully growing autoflowering cannabis strains and whenever you get bumper yields from the pot. 

Even though you will find me stoned most of the time, I provide stellar focus to valuable content that my fellow cannabis enthusiasts enjoy reading about the topics mentioned above. Despite the seriousness needed when growing cannabis, I like throwing some fun at all the relevant topics. That is why you should prepare to meet new vocabularies any time you read my written cannabis strain descriptions. I am currently only active on AMSB, where I share my nuggets of wisdom in words.

Betty Carol smoking weed
Evans Keith

Evans Keith

No, I am not your ordinary freelance writer who would just regurgitate pieces of content online and claim to be an expert. I am a chef by profession, but I am more passionate about anything marijuana. Using the line of my profession, I do freelance writing concerning cooking with marijuana, marijuana recipes, and edibles. 


Any of the articles I have written are a pure result of my trialing and determining that “boy, this is it!”. I have created most of the marijuana recipes myself, and I am certain when I say you are into finding a new hobby if you follow my steps to the entirety. I consistently remind AMSB readers that there is more to cannabis than just vaping and smoking marijuana, and preparing your next delicacy breaks the norm.

Kate Lynch

The grass is too beautiful to grow in the bush or get cultivated using the same analog techniques that our grandpas used. While there are different products related to marijuana growing, credible information is still scarce, which led me to explore this ever-green niche. I am a certified cannabis blog post writer specializing in four different topis – hydroponics, improving cannabis yields, vertical farming, and plant nutrients. 


My utter joy is seeing to it that every budding grower succeeds in the cultivation ordeal using the modern methods that actually work. If you are a veteran, my pieces of write-ups would be more of a refresher to you, and hopefully, you will be in a position to reap more than you once ever did. And hey, don’t thank me later. What are fellow connoisseurs for?

Marijuana hydroponics specialist kate lynch
Wycliffe bruno

Wycliffe Bruno

I don’t know much about you, but you perhaps hate propaganda surrounding the cannabis industry if you are like me. Since I first became a pothead in 2008, I also took a different career path. Since December 2018, I have been a full-time writer researching fun-to-read cannabis facts, hotboxing, improving flavour, water pipes, and dab rigs. 


Marijuana culture doesn’t have to be boring, and since this industry is diverse, I keep all tabs open to write anything new in the industry from my five points of expertise. I promise to always do the overwhelming work for you and always keep you updated on the trending cannabis smoking/vaping/dabbing equipment and more. Visit the AMSB blog regularly, and I will mostly have something in store for keeping your eyes glued to your computer or smartphone.