AMS Extreme feminized ® Marijuana Seeds

The AMS XTRM Feminized is one of newest strains and the latest member in the Haze family. As a strain that bears our valuable name, three things are certain top-tier quality, bumper yields, and stability against matters pests and diseases, moulds, and adverse weather conditions. If you adore what typical Sativa hybrids can do, then think of the AMS XTRM fem.

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What to expect from this strain?

Her Sativa dominance is at a whopping 80% and with 20% Indica-levels. AMS XTRM feminized Cannabis Seeds buds also get filled with skyrocketed amounts of THC amounts that range between 20 and 30%, and at an average of 23%.

Her leaves are lengthy, and the buds are fat, yet resinous. Being a Sativa, she is also tall, and her indoor height goes up to 110cm, while the outdoor height is up to 170cm. When grown indoors, she flowers within 9 and 11 weeks. While this isn’t the shortest flowering time for most of our Sativas, being a little patient and giving her ample time makes you smile all the way to satisfaction.

Outdoor growers can best reap their yields between September and November, and it would be best if you be so patient that the plants will grow to entire fruition.

Which effect does this strain give?

AMS XTRM Fem produces euphoric and feelings of creativity. Even though she has skyrocketed amounts of THC, she doesn’t induce couch-locked effects.

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

AMS XTRM feminized has a medium growing difficulty, and this means that the typical beginner shouldn’t consider her for getting their feet wet. However, she isn’t such hard to cultivate, and if you are an amateur, then there is nothing to hold you back.

How big of a harvest do you get from this strain?

When grown indoors, the AMS XTRM Fem strain yields as high as 400gms per square meter and up to 750gms per square meter when grown outdoors.

What does this strain taste like?

The AMS XTRM Fem strain has an exotic citrusy flavor, while the aroma is citrusy.