Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Get your giggles on with Cheese autoflower strain! Created from hilarious parents, Super Skunk and AMS Master Kush, this strain will have even the grumpiest pothead rolling in laughter. Warning: Thick smoke clouds experience required for maximum cheesiness!

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What makes this strain stand out from the crowd?

If the idea of laughing uncontrollably like a hyena on helium appeals to you, then Cheese autoflower is your go-to strain. The unruly child of Super Skunk and AMSB Master Kush, this cheeky wunderkind has inherited all their qualities – and a mischievous sense of humor.

This is no skyscraper plant; she’s more like a bungalow, a charming and stout companion reaching 80-100 cm both indoors and outdoors. With her predominantly Indica lineage (75% Indica, 25% Sativa), she’s a gentle giant, sporting average amounts of CBD.

Don’t expect her to play hard to get; Cheese’s flirtatious buds ripen quickly, blushing to maturity in a mere 8 to 9 weeks. And boy, are they worth waiting for! Titanic in size and encrusted with a thick coat of glistening trichomes, these buds are the cannabis equivalent of a disco ball.

Thanks to her parents’ sturdy genetics, Cheese autoflower is like the superhero of the pot world – invincible against pests and diseases that would otherwise turn her into a wilting damsel.

How does this strain make you feel?

One hit of Cheese and you’ll be giggling like a toddler who’s just discovered their own toes. Your body will pulse with a relaxed, stoning sensation that has you melting into the nearest armchair. She also packs a medicinal punch that could make even the most hardened pharmaceuticals jealous.

What’s it like to grow this strain?

Cheese autoflower isn’t picky or pretentious. She’ll happily sprout in any pot garden, whether you’re a novice with a watering can or a veteran with a PhD in Botany. A sprinkle of organic fertilizer, like recycled coffee grounds, and she’ll shoot up quicker than a caffeine-addicted Jack-in-the-Beanstalk.

What’s the yield of this strain?

With Cheese, it’s like hosting your own personal Green Rush. Those massive buds translate to massive yields, netting up to 400g per square meter indoors and a whopping 550g per square meter outdoors.

How does this strain taste?

A puff of Cheese is like a bizarre cheese tasting in an earthy cellar – a curious blend of her parents’ profiles. She tastes like a potent cheeseboard, and smells like skunky perfume. For connoisseurs of the unusual, Cheese is one heady, fragrant adventure you won’t forget.