Night nurse feminized Cannabis Seeds

It is disheartening to struggle with sleeplessness, and this is where Night Nurse fem draws the line. When this adhesive piece of dope gets mentioned, all connoisseur insomniacs passionately jump with happiness since there is always a past time when they found solace in this perfect beauty. If you are that outdoor grower who would like to solve medical conditions associated with insomnia or help sufferers, then this medical strain is what you desperately need right away. 

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Night nurse feminized Cannabis Seeds is a strain that will take care of you, truly. This one is one of the best medicinal strains around. Insomniacs? Pay attention! This one’s for you.

Indica that’ll knock you right out

This indica-heavy strain is absolutely marvelous and, just as her name suggests, she will take care of you at night. indica’s are famous for their sedative-like effects, but this one really takes the cake. Night Nurse is a cross between Medijuana and Swiss Cross Erdbeer F3. With parents like these, you know you’re on to a winner.

A Gorgeous scent…

Good marijuana not only feels good but tastes good too. Ironically, Night Nurse tastes a little bit like coffee, with just a hint of sweetness, and earthiness. She’s a smooth smoke, but don’t get us wrong – she is incredibly hard-hitting. This one is not for the faint of heart!

… And a high yield

This variety is very generous and is really quite amazing for growers. She has an incredibly short flowering time of just 9 weeks and offers outdoor yields of up to 800 grams. She does take up quite a bit of room though as she reaches heights of over 2 meters – so make sure you’ve got plenty of space before purchasing these marijuana seeds.