Strawberry ice ® feminized

There won’t be a better way to crown your after-dinner moments than taking a hit of this stunning lady – Strawberry Ice Fem. She is stickily desserty and her fruity taste is more of what you could experience after taking a strawberry delicacy. Importantly, Strawberry Ice Fem is a hybrid result of crossing Blueberry and a secret Sativa strain to maintain her 50/50 Indica and Sativa ratio. 

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Strawberry ice ® feminized Marijuana Seeds is the ultimate dessert – it’s no wonder she’s named like she is! This strain is fruity with hints of strawberry candy cane, sounds like a dream, right? She can be recognized by her fiery red hair and glistening THC crystals that cover her entire surface. Ready to give her a try yet!? Read on if you need some more convincing.

Strawberry flavored weed

It’s always good when weed that feels good, tastes good too. This is why Strawberry Ice is one of our favorites – she tastes like a big bowl of strawberry ice cream! The genetics of Strawberry Ice is largely unknown, but we do know that she has some Blueberry in her! She’s somewhat of a mystery…

A perfect 50:50 split of indica/sativa

Something very interesting about this strain is that she is a complete 50/50 indica/sativa split – which means she has something for everyone! Strawberry Ice delivers a potent high that remains functional and isn’t too overwhelming, making her ideal for smoking at parties, at home on your own, or chilling with friends. Strawberry Ice is also an exceptional medical strain and has a whole host of properties which include pain relief and appetite stimulation. Give her a shot by ordering with us today!

Excellent for indoor and outdoor growth

Strawberry Ice can be grown anywhere you like, and she is pretty manageable! If you grow her inside, she will reach heights of around 50 inches and you can expect a yield of about 750 grams! Very impressive, we’d say. Outside you can expect an even better yield of around 950 grams per square meter and the plants will grow to about 110 inches. You don’t need to be any kind of expert to try your hand at growing her either, and we’re always here if you need any advice!