Different effects of marijuana on men and women

different effects of marijuana on men and women
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The use of marijuana can have completely different effects on man and women. What causes that? The various effects have to do with the difference in biochemistry. THC from cannabis reacts with testosterone receptors in the male body. And in the female body it has an effect on estrogen receptors. Read on and discover everything about the different effects of marijuana on men and women.

What causes the different effects of marijuana on men and women?

The use of cannabis has a different effect on everyone. This is also the tricky point when prescribing marijuana as a medicine. It is difficult to draft general guidelines regarding dosage. Every person is different and has a different biochemistry. In the case of cannabis, the differences are also noticeable between men and women. Men react very differently to the herb than women. The use of cannabis with men often evokes a feeling of hunger, while with women this is less so. Women, on the other hand, benefit greatly from marijuana as a painkiller. But the differences in effects go much further. Marijuana has even more gender-specific impact. For example on our memory, libido, and on the tolerance levels. Read on discover everything about the different effects of marijuana on men and women. 

Another study shows that women are more likely to develop a dependence on marijuana. This is because they experience the withdrawal symptoms more intensively. Eating and sleeping habits of women are often negatively influenced once they have stopped using cannabis. In this way women are influenced more negatively than men.

The results from these studies do not apply to everyone. But they provide an interesting insight into how people react differently to marijuana and also partly explain our behavior when we are high!

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Gender specific effects of weed

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The active substances in the cannabis plants react very differently to testosterone than to estrogen. As a result, men notice very different effects than women, and vice versa. The unique biochemical compositions cause other reactions.

Studies show that women develop a higher tolerance for cannabis. It also appears that the combination of estrogen and THC provides a strong analgesic effect. Weed is a very effective pain reliever for women. It even works more than 40% better than with men. Another study shows that for women who use weed, memory is affected more quickly supposed to men.

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