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full spectrum cbd
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Every day there are new trends and developments in the field of cannabis. There is also a lot going on in the CBD area. The latest news is that two camps have emerged. On the one hand you have the “isolate CBD” users, and on the other hand there are the “full-spectrum CBD” supporters. What is the difference? And what are the similarities? Read on and discover everything about full-spectrum and isolate CBD.

Full-spectrum versus isolate – the basic differences


Full-spectrum CBD is made from an extract that contains all cannabinoids and other substances that are naturally present in the weed plant. The word full spectrum means, as the name suggests, that it contains the full range of substances present. In the first place it contains cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG, but it also packs all kinds of flavonoids and terpenes. This is contrast to an isolate CBD which only contains CBD. In this case CBD is isolated from a marijuana extract and out of this CBD oil,  tinctures or other products are produced. Read on and discover everything about full spectrum and isolate CBD. 

But what are the benefits and differences between the two? The biggest difference is that CBD which contains the entire spectrum has more therapeutic options. An isolate is one-sided in that respect. Another difference is that an isolate CBD contains for sure no THC. A full spectrum contains THC, although in a very low dose. The THC content is present in such low content that it has no psychoactive effect. 

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But what about the therapeutic effect? This is due to the entourage effect. All cannabinoids in cannabis (which also occur in other plants) react with receptors in the human body. This fusion of cannabinoids and receptors and the effects that follow are called the entourage effect.

Active substances

A full CBD spectrum contains the complete package of active substances from the marijuana plant. So not only CBD, but also terpenes, a small amount of THC, wax and chlorophyll. So a ‘full spectrum’ simply packs more therapeutic power. An isolate, on the other hand, is much more refined and is full of CBD. So if you only benefit from CBD, that is a better choice. But it does not have much to offer in terms of entourage effect. 

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