Growing Weed Outdoors

Growing Weed Outdoors

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Consuming weed is a fantastic experience. But using weed that you have grown yourself is even more fun and very satisfying. So buy the weed seeds of your choice and start growing weed outdoors!

Cultivating your own plant gives a lot of satisfaction. Nothing gives a better feeling than enjoying your own cultivated buds, after a period of hard work in your garden and taking care of your plants. 

Keep in mind that maintaining a garden and growing weed is not always easy. It is a lot of work. But you know how it is with hard labour. The feeling you get out of it is more rewarding. So let’s get to work and grow your own beautiful weed plants outdoors. 

Things to keep in mind when growing weed outdoors

If you are going to grow cannabis outside, you have a fun and interesting time ahead of you. But you will also have to deal with some setbacks, so keep that in mind. Because when growing plants, things can go wrong. What do you think of the threat posed by insects on your beautiful, fresh green leaves? But don’t freak out. There is a solution for every garden problem. But it’s good to be ahead of some problems, so a little preparation before you let your seeds germinate won’t hurt.

Protect your plants when growing weed outdoors

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Regarding insects, you can take various precautionary measures when growing weed outdoors. It is a good idea to get hold on Neem oil which is used as a biopesticide for organic farming. In addition, delve into the use of a population of beneficial insects such as ladybugs. And what do you think of companion plants or straining nets? These are all methods to keep various insects away from your beautiful plants. Read on as we discuss some of these methods further.

Nobody is born with gardening experience. Even experienced cultivators learnt their skills by trial and error. In principle, a cannabis plant grows all on its own, from the moment of germination all the way up to harvest. Even in harsh environments. If it gets water and sufficient light, it will thrive. But if you want to maximize your harvest or aim at high quality, you will have to put your time, sweat and tears into it. Because you will need to make adjustments along the growing process. Most of these interventions are fun and interesting to do, and on top of that … it means you get more bud! When working with plants, it is of course nice if you have a little aptitude and feeling for it. If you have a green thumb, you do have a head start in the garden. But most of it comes down to common sense and if you just start out, stick to a step by step grow guide. 

Harvesting weed outdoors

The end point of the growth process is the harvest of your own sticky, beautiful cannabis tops. To achieve this end result, you will have to anticipate on all things that happen throughout the entire growth process. If you let everything take its course, your plant will certainly grow. But a large, high-quality harvest will pop up automatically. As mentioned before, you will have to put extra energy into it.

What is the biggest challenge for outdoor growers? Pests are number 1 in threats to your outdoor cannabis garden. A garden outside has many more risks of being attacked by all kinds of pests and insects than an indoor culture. After all, more insects live outside, and everything can be carried through the air. There are many types of pests and each can affect another part of your plant.

A number of measures you can think of when protecting your garden are:

  • The use of companion plants
  • Attracting wasps in your garden
  • Sterilizing the soil
  • Attracting a population of ladybirds

You can take many precautionary measures to control insects and pests. And you can also take action when a problem arises. For many people, using chemicals is a normal way to keep pests out of their garden. But if you consume your flower tops later, it is not such a nice idea knowing that it may contain chemical substances, right? It is therefore good to know that there are many biological alternatives to combat pests. Better for environmental reasons and better for yourself. A true win-win!

Which outdoor strain to choose?

There are many strains that thrive very well outdoors. Do you find it difficult to choose which seeds to buy? Then check the AMS Most Wanted Feminized Combo Pack. This pack contains various top quality weed seeds from different feminized strains. This means lots of variety and a lot of different buds to enjoy! Happy growing!

What kind of precautionary measures do you take to keep insects out of your garden? Tell us in the comment box below!

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