How to stop bad weed breath

How to stop bad weed breath

bad weed breath
bad weed breath
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You know the drill if you have been smoking pot. Your mouth will feel dry and a nasty so-called bad weed breath will develop. This is not such a problem if you are alone on the couch at home. But if you need to collaborate with colleagues or you are out with friends, and stay close to other people, it’s not that fresh. So, how can you stop a bad weed breath? But luckily you can do a lot to prevent or reduce bad weed breath. You really don’t have to keep your hand in front of your mouth all the time! And you don’t have to avert your head every time you talk to someone! In this article you will find a few simple tips and tricks that will help you get rid of your bad weed breath in no time. So roll yourself a fine blunt and read on!

Stop bad weed breath by chewing gum or peppermint

chewing gum

Look, the biggest cause of bad weed breath is because there is not enough saliva in the mouth. And a dry mouth is actually the basis of bad breath. This is because saliva cleans up bacteria and food residues left in the mouth. But if there is too little saliva, then there are too few cleaning troops. There will then be food residues in your mouth on your teeth and this causes a bad breath. So it’s just a matter of regular cleaning or ensure you produce more saliva. 

Chewing on gum is then an effective and fast solution. By chewing gum, you quickly create more saliva. Moreover, chewing gum usually has a peppermint taste, so that also masks bad breath. With peppermints it works the same way, by sucking on a mint you quickly produce a lot of saliva. This works less than with chewing gum, though. Now you know why all those smokers chew gum!

Gargle and drink water to stop bad weed breath

An effective way to get rid of bad weed breath is to keep your mouth clean. Therefore, ensure that all food residues are regularly removed. Do this easily by rinsing well with water. The water moistens the mouth and loosens food residues. You can also use a special mouthwash or mouthwater for it. Just take a quantity in your mouth and then you have to ensure that the mouthwash enters all corners and holes of the mouth. You can also gargle with it, so that the area at the back of the mouth is also thoroughly rinsed. Suppose you don’t have mouthwash in the house, or if there is too little in the bottle, don’t use soft drinks instead. Soft drinks contain sugar and that does not only cause bad breath, it is also very bad for your teeth. In that case, just use water and a toothbrush!

Eat fruit

Eating fruits, such as an apple, orange or other citrus fruits help against a bad weed breath and ensure that you smell fresh and fruity. Did you know that apples contain special compounds, called polyphenols, that make nasty and unwanted smells to disappear? The unpleasant taste and smell in the mouth is masked because of it. Preventing form halitosis is really a matter of proper oral hygiene. Dental and oral hygiene along with the tips in this article will ensure that you don’t have to hold your hand over your mouth next time you smoke weed. Keep amazing, keep blazing!

What method do you use to prevent from bad weed breath?

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