AMS Supreme feminized

When you hear a cannabis strain that bears our name, then one thing is sure – superb quality has to get maintained to correspond to our established title. The Supreme Feminized seeds come as a result of crossing our very own Critical and White Widow XTRM strains to come up with Supreme ganja strains.

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Moderate grow difficulty at its best

Don’t worry that you haven’t garnered loads of experience in pot cultivation over the years. As a beginner or with intermediate experience, you can be sure that these AMS Supreme Feminized Marijuana seeds are ideal for you. Don’t know how? Be sure to read these profound tips and guide

The height of the Supreme Feminized seeds is also manageable in both outdoor and indoor settings, and the yields per square meter are typically the best. Don’t let anything hold you back from feeling proud about having your own cultivated ganja.  

Highly potent Indica/Sativa strains 

The AMS Supreme feminized strain is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. The THC levels are skyrocketed and range anywhere between 20 and 30%. This makes the strain ideal for both day time and night time. 

After taking a hit or two, the effects ae mostly relaxing and get the user extremely happy. 

Only female ganja plants 

The AMS Supreme feminized grass seeds fall under the feminized seeds category. This means that you won’t have to worry about unwanted strains in your pot farm, as all the plants gotten afterward are all female.