Big Bud feminized

As seen in this guide, feminized marijuana seeds are mostly easy to grow, give massive yields, and the Big Bud feminized isn’t an exception. These Indica-rich seeds are mainly easy to grow and are ideal for producing bumper harvests. However, it would be worth mentioning that she takes her time to blossom, but the time to produce these flowers with a sweet musky flavour and a smooth, long-lasting high is totally worth it.

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Profit more with the Big Bud feminized Marjiuana Seeds

One vital thing should ring to your mind when you hear this fantastic name – Big Bud feminized. As the name implies, she produces massive buds, which makes her ideal for commercial purposes. This translates to more yields and thus more profits. 

The leaves tend to be small and few, thus, meaning the big bud feminized strain takes a considerable amount of time to produce its ideal buds. This obviously increases the weight and pressurizes the branches in such a way that they can break. 

When planted with other strains, you will also undoubtedly notice that Big Bud Feminized gives more massive yields than any different strain within the same growing space.  

Potent parental figures

We use the Afghan and Skunk as the parental figures to come up with our Big Bud feminized seeds. This strain has developed its name immediately after its development started in the USA, then to Amsterdam, and to the various parts of the world where everyone swears by the pot. As her parental figures have exceptional THC levels and flavour, your guess is right when it comes to the feminized Big Bud – superb. 

Support her branches

The feminized Big Bud strain has massive buds, and will necessarily bring about loads of weight on the branches. That means that you will need to support her time and again. While it is easy to grow, you should immediately give her the needed attention after the vegetative phase kicks in. 

Strong highs and the best effects

As previously mentioned, this is an Indica-dominant strain. It produces high psychotropic effects and a flavour that takes after spices and garlic. Should you be ready to be a serious cannabis cultivator for commercial purposes, then think of ordering the Big Bud feminized seeds from AMSB.