Big Bud Regular Seeds

It’s all in the name. The Big Bud strain produces big buds, and the whole idea behind the breeding these seeds was to cater to the commercial cannabis growers. It is one of the massive yielding strains which are easy to cultivate, and thankfully, weather patterns have little effect on her yielding prowess.

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Characteristics of Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

It is one of the few marijuana strains that best get described by sturdiness against pests, diseases, and molds, and every beginner can find solace in growing or enjoying her piece of stash.

With Skunk and Afghan being her parental figures, she is an Indica-dominant strain with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Her THC levels are not the highest, and range between 5 and 15%, which means she isn’t discriminative to cater for veteran smokers only. These properties made her win the 1989 Cannabis Cup. Don’t shock us by telling us that you didn’t know this!

Her heights are also manageable, and surprisingly, she grows up to 50cm indoors. This means that even balcony growers can grow the beauty, and not even their immediate neighbors can realize what they are up to. The outdoor height goes up to 170cm.

As she is heavy yielding, you will need to support her flowers and increase the chances of having each of her flower count.

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

Big Bud has easy growing difficulty. However, she may need your attention to yield maximumly. Even though she does well indoors and outdoors, outdoor grow spaces are the best for her to break even. That is where you can best do her justice by pruning, lollipopping, and support her flowers the best.

How much weed does this strain give?

When you grow the Big Bud strain indoors, you can expect to reap up to 600gms per square meter, and up to 800gms per square meter when cultivated outdoors.

What does this strain taste like?

Big Bud users report that she has a fruity, musky taste, while the aroma is spicy and garlicky.