Chronic Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Company says that they created the Chronic autoflower strain and other Chronic strain counterparts as their ideal medical strain for different purposes. This strain has an intense scent and requires to get thoroughly dried if the grower is to benefit from this autoflower strain’s capabilities. 

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What makes this strain so special? 

Here at Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, we tried growing the Chronic autoflower marijuana seeds strain both indoors and outdoors, and we have a report to make. The indoor flowering time is one of the shortest, and after using the best growing practices, the flowering happened within 8 weeks. True to their words, AMS also says that this happens between 8 and 9 weeks. 

The aroma is also a fragrant one and happens when the weed is still growing as well as the dry cannabis plant matter. She is a highly potent beauty, with the THC range being between 20 and 30%. She is one of the shortest ever strains when grown indoors, and no matter how hard we tried to subject her to the best indoor growing factors in our greenhouse, none of the Chronic autoflower strains grew past 50cm. This is to let you know the heights are extremely manageable, and if you are that grower who wishes to go for balcony growing, then yay, you won’t get disappointed by this very strain.

The outdoor height is up to 150cm, thanks to her Sativa presence of 30% and 70% in Indica. A point of clarification to make at this point is that by using the word “up to,” we mean that those are the maximum limits that can get obtained. Put simply, this beauty cannot grow past 150cm outdoors not unless under very rare circumstances. 

Lastly, the Chronic autoflower seeds strain traces her genetics from three different strains! These include Northern Lights, AK47, and Northern Lights x Skunk. These genetics explain why the buds are so sticky, have a cone shape, and have branches that appear small from the sides.  

Which effect does this strain give?

Being a typical Indica, the Chronic autoflower seeds strain mostly gives profound relaxing effects. 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

The Chronic autoflower feminized seeds have an easy/moderate growing difficulty, and this means that veterans and amateurs feel that she is their best fit. For the typical beginners, following the critical steps, especially during the germination cycle, comes really handy.

What is needed to grow this strain?

We like emphasizing that outdoor growers need to order their cannabis seeds well in advance of the cultivation season. For most of the beans mentioned on our website, if not all, we find the best outdoor growing moments being at the onset of the spring season in your country and this means that the buying of the seeds should happen way before then. 

As far as germination is concerned, we find the paper towel germination method to be the easiest for any grower. Direct germination, overnight soaking, or even the use of a seedling plug is also helpful. Still, to the greatest extent, it all narrows to the specific grower’s taste and preference, really. 

This is also not the tallest plant you will grow, which is the case with all autoflower and it is somewhat of an advantage to the grower since the water you will use for such a plant is slightly less than for a photoperiod plant. Lighting schedules are not a critical factor to consider since this plant will flower automatically, which is the entire essence of having an autoflower. 

However, nutrients are needed to grow this strain successfully, and you may require worm castings as the critical source of organic nutrients or even coffee grounds. In the case of inorganic nutrients, then you will need to use artificial marijuana fertilizers to get going. 

Because this strain is short, we would like to tell you that you have to ensure adequate spacing between two or more Chronic weed plants. This is all in the quest to ensure that should there be a problem such as the infestation of molds, white powdery, or even caterpillars, it may be easier to control the situation before these nuisances attack other plants. 

At that, we feel like those are the necessities needed to germinate and grow the Chronic autoflower seeds successfully. All the best while implementing the tips for growing the Chronic autoflower weed. 

How much yield can I expect from this seed?

We harvested 450gms per square meter indoors and 550gms per square meter outdoors. It seems like we did everything right since those are the very yields mentioned on the AMS website. While at this, expect to get all-female cannabis plants since, as the name suggests here, this is an autoflower strain. 

Everything about the flavour/scent 

Chronic weed has a sweet scent and taste. The ultimate freshness that your taste buds will ever need.