Northern lights xtrm ® Marijuana Seeds

The Northern Lights XTRM is a regular cannabis strain that maintains the qualities of a typical Indica. Its smell is extremely sweet, just like its Northern Lights counterpart. Being a White Widow XTRM and Northern Lights offspring, she also maintains the exact characteristics of White Widow. You literally wouldn’t need to miss the auspicious taste of this potent beauty. 

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In-depth information about this strain

As a strain that really needs no introduction, Northern Lights XTRM ® Marijuana Seeds is one of the most mind-bending strains in existence. You’ve probably heard of her, but we’re going to tell you all about her anyway. Northern Lights is beautiful, with an appearance resembling the aurora borealis lights. She’s potent too and absolutely smothered in crystals. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

This Indica dominant strain is so popular for a reason – it’s because she is truly amazing. She has super great, perfectly balanced genetics from 11 different strains all of which originated on the West Coast of the USA. She’s a masterpiece, to put it lightly. If you hear people calling Northern Lights the best strain around, listen to them! They couldn’t be more right.

An indica-heavy hybrid

Northern Lights Is an Indica-heavy hybrid which makes her perfect for medicinal use, as well as recreational. Indica’s are famous for their relaxing, sedative effects, as well as their ability to help people combat painful symptoms. 

Lovely, relaxing effect

This strain is going to make you feel good. It will wash all of your cares away, replacing them with a state of true, euphoric bliss. She delivers a really lovely, soothing body buzz that isn’t too overwhelming, as well as really enjoyable, happy, and giggly feelings.

Rewarding for growers

Northern Lights really is an all-rounder – she’s great for smokers and great for growers! If you’re growing this one inside you can expect around 550 grams per meter squared, though if you choose to grow her outside, she’ll deliver a whopping 675 grams per square meter. Growing this strain is of amazing value. She doesn’t take much space up either, perfect for growers who are just starting out.