Chronic feminized Cannabis Seeds

This is one of the famous marijuana strains in the world with many growers opting to center on it with expected high yields. However, you may ask, why this strain stands out.

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What Makes This Strain So Special?

Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank recommends this strain because it is special. The strain is special because it is the world’s most sought-after weed seed. The strain is popular among consumers because of its awesomely beautiful appearance and pleasant sweet fragrance. It develops a relatively smaller side branch with a huge cone, unlike most regular cannabis strains. Chronic feminized Cannabis Seeds have an amazing purple glow, including its youngest plants.

Chronic feminized seeds are unique since they reach the auto-flowering stage rather quickly. Most strains need a minimum of 60 to 70 days to reach this stage and mature their buds. Some strains take even longer.

The strain is also special because it is chronic and usually develops sticky buds, which have a magnificent flavor. This potent strain has a wonderfully sweet aroma that resembles the taste of creamy coffee. Upon harvesting the plants from these seeds, dry the buds thoroughly to preserve the strain’s wonderful smell. The strain is easy to grow, making it truly special.

Which Effect Does This Strain Give?

The plants grown from these seeds are highly chronic. Consuming them gives you a relaxed feeling, almost instantly after consuming them. Upon consumption, your body will react almost immediately and start relaxing right away.

Hundreds of users have tried it, and they have all reported experiencing strong relaxation effects. The effects experienced from smoking this strain are suitable for both recreational and medical users of cannabis.

The strain is well-known for its high potency. The abundant THC in it helps lift mood and fight anxiety. Its users have reported experiencing improved sleep quality after using it. Also, since this strain has a large number of terpenes and cannabinoids, users report getting high much more quickly when using it.

 What is The Difficulty Of Growing This Strain?

The strain seems the easiest to grow. However, growing it isn’t without challenges. Growers need some extra time, experience, and effort to grow this beauty. Indoor growers, for instance, need to tie down the branches while growing plants from these seeds. In addition, indoor growers have to constantly check their plants to ensure they are growing properly.

Feeding the strain is the other difficulty that growers face while growing the strain. The plants need to be constantly fed before they reach the flowering stage. The plants also don’t thrive well in areas with rainy autumns and short summers.  The cannabis strain isn’t suitable for outdoor growers either. Its buds can easily get moldy and wet when grown outside.

The strain thrives well in nutrient-rich and well-aerated soil. Getting its favorable soil growing conditions is daunting, particularly for growers who don’t hail from areas with suitable growing conditions.

Another growing difficulty for this strain is finding the optimal humidity and temperature conditions favorable for its growth. Generally, feminized marijuana strains thrive well on moderate humidity levels and temperatures of about 21 degrees Celsius. In case of any extremes in humidity and temperature, these strains risk experiencing stunted growth.

What Is Needed To Grow This Strain?

Plants from this seed can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Feminized marijuana strain needs plenty of things to grow successfully. Although it is a quick-growing strain, it needs the following conditions to grow accordingly:

Adequate Germination Conditions –Chronic Feminized Seeds require special germination conditions. This seed needs to be presoaked before planting for them to germinate. Presoaking seeds help with speeding the process of germination. It ensures the seeds are moist before planting them.

Ideally, these seeds should be soaked for at least a week. Preferably, these seeds should be presoaked until the roots start growing before planting. Nonetheless, presoaking for longer days can expose the seeds to mold and rot before they are planted.

Space Planning –Feminized marijuana plants thrive after their seeds have germinated. While planting your presoaked seeds, make sure you leave sufficient space between the seeds. Providing your seeds with space ensures the plants won’t be too close to each other once they reach the vegetative stage.

If the space planning is unsatisfactory, then the crop density of the feminized plants will be high. Therefore, the plants will experience limited aeration. Plus, they risk contracting fungus if they are too close to each other.

Tons Of Nutrients –Feminized cannabis plants need tons of nutrients to thrive well. They need nitrogen, for instance. Nitrogen is crucial for supporting the natural development of your plants. As such, give your plants plenty of nitrogen supplements to aid their natural development.


The plants further need fertilizer for proper growth. With fertilizer, your plants will produce the biggest possible yields. Failing to give them fertilizer will result in dismal yields. The best fertilizer should be organic and should provide the plants with all essential nutrients.

Plenty Of Care –Plenty of care is required while cultivating chronic feminized plants. Regularly monitoring your plants and pruning them is vital for higher yields. Giving your plants plenty of nutrients isn’t enough. Care is needed to monitor their growth development.

Suitable Climatic Conditions –Chronic feminized seeds should be grown in the right climatic conditions. The most suitable conditions should be warm and moderately cool.  These plants can get bud rot when growing under heavy rainfall.

Training –Plants from Chronic feminized weed need to be trained to produce the enormous possible yields. Fimming and topping are suitable training techniques for these feminized plants. Training is best done during the flowering phase of the plants.

How Much Yield Can I Expect From This Seed?

You can get about 500 grams of cannabis per square meter if you grow your seeds indoors. Outdoor growers can get about 600 grams of cannabis per meter. The strains don’t disappoint in terms of yields.

Everything About The Flavour/ Scent

Plants grown from chronic Feminized Seeds have a wonderfully magnificent flavor. This pleasant flavor makes these buds unique from buds harvested from other strains. Their sweet, earthly aroma resembles the taste of creamy coffee. Growers are advised to dry their buds thoroughly in order to preserve the awesome scent of their plants.