Durban poison feminized

The feminized Durban Poison was produced in Holland but was imported from South Africa. Being a 100% Sativa and 0% Indica, the Durban Poison fem is ideal for day time consumption. She is exceptionally potent, and beginners can also rely on her to the entirety.

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She has a moderately short flowering time indoors that ranges anywhere between 9 and 11 weeks. When cultivated outdoors, the best month for harvesting your yields is between September October.

The heights are mostly short, which means she is manageable irrespective of her growing environments. For instance, the heights go up to 80cm in the case of an indoor growing environment, and up to 210cm outdoors. 

She is not that strain that you can describe to have the most intense high as the THC levels range anywhere between 5 and 15%. The buds are enormous and get covered in long resins. Necessarily, these characteristics make her properly adapted for outdoor environments that experience milder conditions.  

A good strain to relieve stress

Durban Poison mostly has uplifting effects. This means that whenever you feel down at any time of the day, and you would like to be in your best form, the feminized Durban Poison can help you. Say no to feel down with the best-feminized strain – Durban Poison.  

Can I grow this strain indoors?

Feminized Durban Poison does well indoors, outdoors, and when hydroponically cultivated. She doesn’t require lots of attention, but it is worth it if you subject her to sufficient water. Her buds are so massive that giving the mother sufficient water is inevitable. 

You may find her growing difficulty easy or moderate, depending on your experience. In fact, she is one of the few strains that fit beginners and experienced marijuana growers alike.

The expected yield

In the case of an indoor growing setting, the feminized Durban Poison strain gives up to 350gms per square meter and up to 375gms per square meter when cultivated outdoors. 

Well known for its flavour

The strain has a sweet licorice taste while the scent is mild.