Happy outdoor mix

Do you swear by cultivating regular marijuana strains, but even after brainstorming, can’t find what would best suit your outdoor growing environment? Then the Happy Outdoor Mix strains should be in your bucket-list of your to-be trialed strains. Importantly, it is a mix of three different strains, all of which do the best outdoors.

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What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

The combination of any of the three strains in this pack also gets tailored in such a way that the package will give you an undescribed joy, or ultimate happiness if you so wish. 

The mix is always versatile, and what you get this time or what some customers may get this time around may not necessarily mean that another will do some other time. Pure luck, if we can say so.

Is this a beginner friendly strain-mix to grow?

We make the Happy Outdoor Mix package in such a way that all the available strains have an easy growing difficulty. This means that beginners, amateurs and professionals in grass planting can rely on the present seeds to the entirety.

The best place to grow the three different strains included in the Happy Outdoor Mix package is outdoors, but the results will also turn out to be amazing when you opt for the indoor way.