Bianca Seeds

Bianca marijuana seeds; regular cannabis beans bred by the crossing of three different strains. These include the worldwide recognized White Queen strain, White Widow and Afghan. Top off your mind, you should know that none of these strains are ordinary, if at all you’re a grower worth your salt. 

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What makes this strain so special?

Obviously, for Bianca Marijuana Seeds to harbour two white strains and one other super hardy parental figure isn’t what everyone has been used to. Necessarily, the traits of any of the parents can get seen during the growing cycle and during the consumption moments.

For instance, it is rare to find an army of caterpillars attacking this O unique strain and this is all thanks to the presence of Afghan regular in the strain. As far as the other parents get concerned, this strain has the beauty and looks. The trichomes are clear white, with the leaves being dark green and the buds being massive.

Also, while Bianca seeds are 85% Indica, the minute 15% Sativa also manifests its effects for the outdoor height. Here, we are talking about 220cm outdoor height. And hey, this is a unique trait for a typical Indica. To the greatest extent, you can get the satisfaction that even when fellow potheads are at a distance, they can recognize your beauty. Boy, where will you take this pride coming from the praises you will get for your greening ordeal? 

Lastly, together with my colleagues, we tried this strain both indoors and outdoors and we are happy to let you know that this regular strain is one of the strains with the shortest flowering time. To us, the flowering happened within 6 weeks from germination. However, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds says that it ranges between 6 and 8 weeks. For the case of outdoor growing, we can tell you freely that the onset of the spring season is the best time to grow Bianca weed outdoors. The best outdoor harvesting time is between September and October. 

Which effect does this strain give?

Being a typical Indica, this is your ultimate strain for the nighttime consumption. Different reviews from AMS customers praise Bianca weed for being the ultimate ganja strain for hotboxing. Not one or two of their customers say that after hotboxing the strain inside their car, couch-locking effects are the most. Ideal strain during when there are celebrations like the 420 weed holiday.

We also have a word of caution to beginners, though. This strain cannot in any way get recommended to you as a THC range of between 20 and 30% is a superman punch one. 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

The Bianca regular marijuana strain has an easy growing difficulty. This means with a couple of tips, you can get going even when you are an absolute beginner. We get it that you may have been edged out from taking a hit of this strain, but then the growing favours you. We urge you that after growing that very strain, you may work on garnering your smoking experience by starting with low THC strain (0-9% THC), then to medium THC weed (10-19% THC) and to high THC grass such as Bianca weed (20-30% THC). By the time your harvests are ready, then you will be in a position to take your Bianca dope hassle-free. 

What is needed to grow this strain?

It isn’t so daunting to know how to successfully grow a regular cannabis strain and Bianca regular isn’t an exception. The critical factors to consider are the germination, lighting schedules, nutrients, and water. 

For the germination part, it helps big time when you use a technique that you are best acquitted to. Could that be the paper towel method, direct germination, overnight soaking, or the use of a seedling plug? Be sure to use that which you can find the best solace in. 

Secondly, it’s about the lighting schedules. For the record, any photoperiod cannabis plant (regular and feminized) requires 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. 

Thirdly, you need to know about how much water this cannabis plant needs. Be gentle such that the water is not little or too much. 

Lastly, the nutrients need to be balanced such that there is the usage of inorganic (artificial marijuana fertilizers) and organic (natural fertilizers). For the organic nutrients, then worm castings and coffee grounds would sure come handy for you. 

How much yield can I expect from this seed? 

Yields from a regular cannabis strain are slightly lesser than those from a feminized cannabis plant. Specifically, Bianca regular marijuana seeds strain will provide you with 500gms per square meter when grown indoors and up to 575gms per square meter in the case of outdoor cultivation. If you would like to get these optimal yields, then consider flushing your Bianca weed strain

Everything about the flavour/scent 

Bianca weed has a floral, hashish taste. The aroma is a floral one.