Light of jah ® feminized

The Feminized Light of Jah strain gets named after a renowned author of Cannabis and Hemp, Jack Herer. If you would like to cultivate pot without having to worry about growing space, then the Light of Jah Fem is the best strain. The entire characteristics of the typical Haze also manifest themselves in the Light of Jah Fem, as she is majorly a hybrid Haze derivative.

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Characteristics of Light of Jah Fem 

Importantly, note that this is an Indica/Sativa strain. The dominance of Sativa takes the lionshare in the plant, and goes to as high as 75%, while Indica levels are at measly 25%. The strain grows at manageable heights where it can go to as high as 100cm indoors and up to 260cm when cultivated outdoors. 

The levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol are also high, where THC goes to as high as a 20-30% range. By all means, this potency is entirely stable and beginners would have to take this resin of beauty with utmost care. 

The flowering time is relatively long, and growers need to be somewhat patient since it may take up to between 10 and 12 weeks for blossoming to occur indoors. When cultivation happens outdoors, September and October are the favourable months for harvesting. That said, you need to order the seeds well in advance to beat time and remain in the schedule.

Does this strain make you relaxed?

Light of Jah, being inclined the most to the Sativa side, gives cerebral buzz effects. If you take the dope during the day time, you can, therefore, expect the effects to keep you going and adapting to the stressors that occur at places of work.

Growing Light of Jah Fem

It would help if you were intermediately experienced before you opt to go full swing and cultivate the Light of Jah feminized strain. The growing difficulty is moderate and hard, which means, with all due honesty, these seeds don’t suit beginners. Newbies may instead grow the Light of Jah Auto-Fem strain since she has easy growing difficulty. 

How much Yield can I expect from this seed?

In an indoor growing environment, the Light of Jah Fem provides up to 725gms per square meter, while in the case of an outdoor setting, the yields go to as high as 1200gms per square meter. 

What does this strain taste like?

The Light of Jah strain has a fruity taste while the aroma is hazy. 

Buy Light of Jah Fem seeds 

If you would like to cultivate pot for commercial use, then the high-yielding Light of Jah seeds is what you should fall for. The same case doesn’t edge you out if you would like to grow marijuana for personal use. Importantly, the seeds are in stock, and they are in huge demand. That said, it will be best if you purchase them right away to unlock each of her benefits.