New York Turbo Diesel feminized

You wouldn’t literally talk of the New York Turbo Diesel feminized without making a mention about her roots – the Big Apple. The feminized New York Turbo Diesel is the 2.0 version of the regular New York Turbo Diesel, where this beauty is more of an improvement quality-wise, yield-wise, and of course, as far as her stood out taste and scent gets concerned.

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Important information about this strain

New York Turbo Diesel feminized Marijuana Seeds was also chosen as the best sativa in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Who wouldn’t like to get associated with an award-winning pot strain, anyway? Her Sativa-dominance is at a whopping 80%, and the Indica levels going up to 20%. This typically means that the ideal time for vaping, hotboxing, or even smoking the New York Turbo Diesel Fem is during the daytime.

She is exceptionally sturdy to pests and diseases, and the potency is recommendable. She packs Tetrahydrocannabinol levels ranging between 20 and 30%. Indoor growers also adore her short, manageable heights that go up to 70cm, while the outdoor heights go to as high as 210cm. Lest you forget, the strain also grows at manageable elevations when cultivated on the balcony.

The flowering time is not the shortest, though, and patience is inevitable when cultivating this strain. Nonetheless, she takes her time to provide her blossoms within 10 and 12 weeks, where the waiting time gets replicated in her bumper yields.

A good strain to relieve stress

As mentioned above, the New York Turbo Fem is a Sativa-dominant strain. This should ring one thing into your mind- it is fantastic to take your hit of her toke as you start your day and feel uplifted and creative all day long.

Is this strain suitable for beginners?

This beautiful grass plant has medium growing difficulty. Growers with intermediate experience in growing ganja find her the go-to pot plant. However, beginners may try out different strain assortments on our website as this dope could be overwhelming for them.

Also, she does well in both indoor and outdoor cultivation environments.

How much weed does this strain give?

When cultivated indoors, you can expect to reap up to 400gms per square meter of New York Turbo Diesel Fem. In the case where you go the outdoors way, this strain gives up to 470gms per square meter.

What flavor and scent to expect?

This strain tastes exactly like ripe red grapes. The aroma inclines the ordinary diesel scent.