Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Afghan Feminized strain was brought to the Netherlands in the 1970s. Today, these seeds get recognized worldwide, thanks to their all-inclusive Indica properties. Notably, the Afghan Fem seeds have never been hybridized, which means the strains gotten after sprouting guarantee all the deeply relaxing effects of pure Indica. The plant is mostly sturdy and gives heavy yields in both indoor and outdoor cultivation setups. 

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What makes this strain so special?

Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds, a regular and top-rated ganja strain, gets used in the breeding of the Afghan Feminized seeds. It is a renowned parental figure to great ganja plants such as Kush and White Widow. 

Most commercial ganja growers prefer the Afghan Fem to most other strains typically because she has a manageable height, has a somewhat short flowering phase, and gives rise to heavy yields. This means that the grower can save on space and profit more on bumper harvests within a short period. 

Also, their origin can send several alarms on your mind. Coming from the Afghanistan mountains, you should undeniably nod that the Afghan Fem seeds are pest and disease-resistant and do well in mountainous climatic conditions. This makes the strain suitable for beginners as they can trial on the seeds, without having their mistakes adversely affecting the plant. 

Which effect does this strain give?

As Afghan Feminized strain is Indica-dominant, it is ideal for consumption during the night hours. The effects are couch-locking, psychoactive, and narcotic. 

What does this strain taste like?

In terms of flavour, the strain gets associated with a light citrus taste, which tends to favour most potheads. These strains’ buds and leaves tend to be thick and round, respectively. The plants don’t produce massive crystals, but the hash and smooth like smoke are entirely dependable. Who hasn’t or wouldn’t want to taste the Afghan Fem hash, anyway? 

Is this strain suitable for indoors or outdoor?

If you would like to try out grass plants in your indoor or outdoor environment, irrespective of your cultivation experience, then there is literally no better choice than the Afghan feminized seeds. 

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