Northern Lights XTRM ® autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank knows that this potent strain will be a worthy addition to your cannabis collection. These feminized seeds of Northern Lights XTRM can help any user get the right balance between different cannabis genetics from a variety of strains. Kindly read more to get a glimpse into this cannabis strain.

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What Makes This Strain So Special

At AMSB, we understand that every seed can’t produce the desired cannabis plant. We look at how special every strain is to the average weed consumer. We believe Northern Lights XTRM ® autoflower Marijuana Seeds are special for the following reasons.

The feminized weed strain helps consumers find the best balance among 11 different strains. These 11 potent strains can trace their origin to the US west coast. The key reasons explaining why the strain is so popular among novice and seasoned cannabis users are that it has high CBD amounts.

The potent strain is suitable for making cannabis oil. Consuming this oil has several benefits over vaporizing or even smoking this strain in its raw form. The marijuana oil made from this strain can be used for a variety of purposes.

Despite its American heritage, the strain is unique, for it delivers a special, long-lasting impression among consumers. The seeds from this stain usually grow taller than most weed strains. The Indica genes in this weed strain make it incredibly potent upon harvesting it.

The plants from these strains usually grow to about 70 cm. This makes it a popular and favorite choice for cannabis cultivators with small grow rooms. The cannabis plants from this weed strain guarantee larger harvests, and they have high THC concentrations. 

 Which Effect Does This Strain Have? 

We believe this strain has unique effects from other strains.  First off, the strain boasts powerful relaxation effects. The cannabis oil derived from it provides an array of therapeutic benefits. Smoking or vaping can give you a relaxing and stoned feeling. 

The fact that this strain is full-bodied makes it unique. This characteristic helps it deliver a cool, relaxing body effect. Such an effect isn’t just suitable for therapeutic reasons, but also for recreational reasons. We recommend the strain for its potent relaxing high.

What Is The Difficult Of Growing This Strain?

Growing this potent train has difficulties just like growing other strains. For example, the seeds from this strain may fail to sprout. Here are the challenges of growing the strain.

Watering The PlantThis strain requires moderate levels of water. Watering shouldn’t be too much or too little when growing the strain; watering the plant accordingly can be a difficulty that growers face while growing the strain; you don’t have to overwater or underwater this strain to get high yields. Overwatering can drown your plants. While under watering, the strain will rob it of the capacity to make the nutrients absorbable.

Lighting ConditionsThe strain is a highly light-sensitive strain. Getting the best light condition for growth is not always easy for most growers. Ideally, growers should ensure their greenhouses have sufficient light. At Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, we recommend sufficient lighting conditions for growing the strain.

Use moderate light during the initial growth stages. Expose your plants to more lights when they are at least big enough. If the plants haven’t gotten bigger, exposing them to excess light can ruin their yield in the long run before the harvesting season. 

What Is Needed To Grow This Strain? 

Light Seeds from this plant need at least 18 hours of direct light upon sprouting. Indoor growers have to limit light exposure while growing these plants. Outdoor growers have to expose their plants to more light for them to thrive accordingly.

Air The strain needs to grow in a condition where there is proper air circulation. Air circulation isn’t a problem for outdoor growers. Air circulation is figured out automatically in this case. Indoor growers nevertheless have to ensure their plants are benefiting from proper air circulation

Proper growing medium –Growers usually use different types of soil while growing this strain. Soil matters a lot as a growing medium for this potent strain. Nutrient-independent mediums such as coconut coir are perfect for growing this strain.

Temperature –Temperature is vital for growing this strain. The strain is a hardy cannabis plant that can withstand cold and warm conditions. However, this strain thrives well in growing areas that offer moderate temperatures.

Whether you opt to grow this strain indoors or outdoors, growers need to establish a conducive growing temperature. Outdoors have to ensure their plants are exposed to moderate growing temperatures. It is the case with indoor growers. These growers have to provide their plants with optimum growing temperatures.

Proper Amounts of Nutrients -The strain requires different amounts of nutrients to thrive accordingly. However, we don’t see this as a challenge. We encourage growers to ensure they give their plants sufficient nutrients, such as worm castings and coffee grounds. 

Some suitable nutrients to feed these plants include botanical hydroponic nutrients, which include potassium and nitrogen nutrients. Plants can, besides, thrive without these nutrients and significant others.

Humidity – The humidity levels under which this strain is grown matter a lot. Indoor growers have to ensure their plants are grown in properly balanced humidity conditions. The plants thrive under properly balanced humidity. Indoor growers don’t find humidity as a challenge. Growers have to ensure their crops are grown under proper humidity levels.

How Much Yield Can I Expect From This Seed?

The plants from this strain yield up to 440 grams when grown indoors. The yield can reach up to 875 grams when grown outdoors. The yield can be higher or lower depending on various growth factors.

Everything About The Flavour/ Scent

The strain has a pleasant flavor that excites even the most novice cannabis consumer. The sweet scent released by this strain makes the stain overly irresistible.  The aroma is pleasant and enticing. Whether vaped or smoked, the strain delivers the pleasant flavor that consumers cherish.  Its endearing flavor coupled with an earthly scent makes the strain have a fantastic delivery along with moderate levels of CBD content.