Bob Marley Marijuana Seeds

If you smoke weed, then you know Bob Marley – both the legend and the strain – and so we’re certain that we don’t have to tell you twice about just how insanely good this weed is. Our Bob Marley seeds are amazingly good quality and it’s likely that you won’t find better elsewhere.

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A Gorgeous blend of two famous marijuana strains

Bob Marley Marijuana Seeds is a gorgeous blend of two of the world’s favourite strains: Babylon and Wisdom Weed. Funnily enough, the real Bob Marley loved these strains too, which is why this strain is named after him. This one really does get the creative juices flowing and is said to make users feel inspired and incredibly artistic. 

Sweet and Exotic

This strain tastes utterly wonderful due to its sweet and exotic flavours, and its effects definitely do not disappoint. Bob Marley will induce a powerful buzz that is somehow both relaxing and energizing, which is likely because of its perfect sativa/indica balance – Bob Marley is 70% sativa and 30% indica.  It’s THC content is also pretty high at 20%.

Good things come in small packages

If you are an inexperienced grower then you may find yourself disappointed with the outcome of you harvest as, at first glance, the buds of Bob Marley may not seem so impressive. However, while the buds are pretty small they are actually incredibly potent – our guess is that if they were any bigger then people would not be able to handle it. those who know their stuff will appreciate that good things often come in small packages. You can expect tall, spidery branches that are abundant in little buds with this one.

Tall and mighty

As we’ve said, Bob Marley is a tall growing marijuana plant, which is why we recommend growing it outside. Also, this strain thrives in a warm climate. If you don’t have access to a warm outdoor area, that is very unfortunate – though a greenhouse would do the trick if you have the means. However, for those of you who do this is the ideal plant to grow. Speaking of growth, Bob Marley grows to be super tall and can reach up to three metres in height! Impressive, or what?

The expected yield

Bob Marley is quite an impressive plant and the yields that it delivers are second to none. If growing this strain indoors then you can expect about 350 grams per meter squared. The real value comes in growing Bob Marley outdoors though, where she belongs – outside this baby can supply you with over 425 grams per square meter.