Sativa Feminized Combo Pack Marijuana Seeds

In the Sativa Fem Combo Pack, has included feminized Sativa-dominant strains. Notably, all the three different strains of weed included in this package give massive yields, and the growing difficulty is mostly easy or moderate, where the growing difficulty depends on one’s experience level. Also, the Sativa dominance is higher than the Indica; thus, making the package have strains that are ideal for day time consumption. 

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In all Sativa Feminized Combo Pack Marijuana Seeds, the Sativa dominance is at an average of 70% whereas, the Indica levels are at a measly 30%. The THC levels range anywhere between 20 and 30%.

About the heights, the seeds in this feminized combination are mostly medium and grow up to 100cm in the case of indoor cultivation and up to 260cm when grown outdoors. The indoor flowering time is also medium and ranges between 8 and 12 weeks.

So, what are the strains included in the package?

  1. 3 Purple Power feminized seeds. These provide high amounts of THC and enormous buds
  2. 4 Waikiki Queen feminized seeds. These give deeply relaxing effects
  3. 3 Light of Jah feminized seeds. Light of Jah gives a soft high, with tasty buds. 

Which effect does this strain give?

Being an inclusion of all-sativa-dominant strains in this combination package, the strains give the typical effects of sativa. That is, a therapeutic uplifting high that gets the user more creative and focused on keeping rolling.

What is the difficulty of growing this pack?

All the strains in the Sativa Fem Combo Pack have an easy and moderate growing difficulty. This is to say; the inexperienced and amateur pot grower will find solace in cultivating the 3 different strains in this package. Also, you can cultivate the seeds indoors or outdoors, and the yields will be high.

How much Yield can I expect from this combo pack?

You can expect to reap up to 700gms per square meter when you plant these strains indoors, while in the case of an outdoor environment, the yields can go to as high as 1200gms per square meter. 

Is it advisable to go for the Sativa Fem Combo Pack instead of buying a package of the typical seeds of each of three different strains in that package?” It is a Frequently Asked Question among wannabe connoisseurs. 

Well, it all narrows down to your taste and preference, but honestly, this is the best way to explore the cultivation of different cannabis strains. Buy the feminized Sativa combo pack from the AMSB today, and dip your fingers in an ultimate experience.