Super silver haze feminized

Like Super Silver Haze, Super Silver Feminized is another high-yielding strain. The two strains have several things in common. However, there are also subtle differences that keen growers will notice easily. 

The small yet important things create the huge difference between the strains. Read further to see a candid description of Super Silver Feminized.

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What Makes This Strain So Special?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Super silver haze feminized Marijuana Seeds is known to many growers for its high yield. Whether you cultivate the strain indoors or outdoors, you will get good results. Later, we’ll speak on the approximated yield when you plant this strain indoors and outdoors. 

For now, you must know that this strain is so delicious. Besides, when grown outside, a mature Super Silver Feminized stalk, will hit the height of 95 inches. This is an equivalent of 240 centimeters.

Super Silver Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain with 65% and the remaining 35% goes to indica. The strain’s THC level lies between 20% and 30%. Our expert growers observe that the strain’s growing difficulty is moderate with harvest for outdoor grown pushed for September/October.

The other unique thing about Super Silver Feminized is that it was there in the 80s. The mere mention of the 80s shows the strain has been around for long. After sometime, people did not ask or order Super Silver Feminized seeds. 

It was until recently when people started to order Super Silver Feminized seeds thus the strain is reemerging. Perhaps, one of the main reasons for the strain’s reemergence is what one of the Amsterdam Marijuana Seed’s expert marijuana researcher and grower Relaximo calls ‘the realization and rediscovering of a seemingly forgotten strain that gives users an elevation of their moods during the day but extremely cool nights.’

Which Effect Does This Strain Give?

First, it is important to mention that Super Silver Feminized is blended with equal genes. Novice or experienced users will feel a delightful floating while the high is at the pick during the day but moderate to mild at night.

Generally, all sativa-dominant strains are likely to give you a strange high for a good part of the day after taking substantive amount. Super Silver Feminized is not left out. You are likely to feel elevated, become very productive by engaging in many activities when the strain is at its peak in your nerves, and feel the high boosted. 

Perhaps, what people will notice most is your cheeky smiles, which will dominate part of your day. You will hardly do anything without pulling a smile even in circumstances that do not involve throwing even the laziest of smiles.

What Is The Difficulty Of Growing This Strain?

Do not worry so much about growing this strain. As tipped earlier, Super Silver Feminized is among the strains that require little effort to grow to maturity. However, you need to beware of one major concern – germination of Super Silver Feminized seeds.

It seems that Super Silver Feminized seeds are a bit difficult to germinate. You need to be keen on the seeds, especially with regard to the type of soil you prepare for seed germination and the environment.

Besides, you need to be careful with the germination method. According to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds experts, direct germination works better compared to other methods such as seedling plugs, overnight soaking, or using the paper towel. 

The other seed-germination methods work, but they may pose immeasurable challenges especially if the environment is cold or the amount of humidity in the soil and air is low. In addition, too much watering of the seeds and later seedlings may weaken or destroy the young roots.

If you are a beginner, you need to explore the various germination methods that can work for you. 

What Is Needed To Grow This Strain?

To grow Super Silver Feminized seeds, you might need the following:

Supporters – You may need to prepare enough supporters if you want to maximise Super Silver Feminized seeds’ yield. This is especially important if you are growing the strain outdoors. The biggest challenge you are going to encounter (if the soil is fertile enough) is the plant growing as tall as 240 centimeters.

Although the plants are strong enough to support themselves, some are likely to succumb to wind if there are no enough barriers.

Sufficient barriers – Like supporters, barriers will help you guard your crops against strong winds, which will definitely trounce your crop if not attended to. If you consider erecting a barrier, it should be tall and strong enough to be able to guard the weed. 

  1. You don’t have to erect a barrier if there are no strong winds or any other external factors that are likely to bend or fall your crops. Besides, it is needles to erect a barrier when the seedlings are at a younger stage. Barriers guard tall stalks from falling.

Proper germination method – We spoke about this thing earlier in the ‘Growing Difficulty’ section. Well, we found out that germinating Super Silver Feminized seeds is quite a hurdle. As such, at the very beginning of your growing Super Silver Feminized seeds, you need to look for the proper germination method that will work for you. To many weed growing experts, including Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds very own Relaximo, direct germination is fine. Nonetheless, you can try other methods to see which one works for you. 

Adequate spacing – There is no doubt that Super Silver Feminized seeds grow to become towering plants. As such, you need to arrange for enough space that will compensate for the long stalks. 

If you are used to growing short and bushy plants, this is the opposite. Super Silver Feminized seeds will hit a height of between 80 centimeters and 240 centimeters for indoor and outdoor cultivation respectively. Without adequate space, these seeds will form a huge canopy when they grow to become mature plants.

How Much Yield Can You Expect From This Seed?

Super Silver Feminized seeds will grow to give you up to 21.2 ounces or 600 grams when you grow them indoors. Outdoor cultivation will give a slightly higher yield of some 28.2 ounces or 800 grams. All these results will come from a small portion of one meter square.

Everything About The Flavour/Scent

Super Silver Feminized is characterized by a delicious taste. The scent is so sweet that you will consume large portions of the strain. Whether you want to vape or smoke it, expect a touching aroma with a delicious and soothing scent.