Super skunk feminized Cannabis Seeds

Our Super Skunk feminized is as a result of our smart work that saw us crossing the Skunk 1 and Northern Lights. Her amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol are skyrocketed, with the Cannabidiol levels being normal. This is one of those few strains that stone the connoisseur to the core. In fact, this strain was more of our critical source of inspiration when we crafted our weed tips blog post.

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Characteristics of Super skunk feminized Cannabis Seeds

She contains generous amounts of THC ranging anywhere between 16 and 20%, and she is an Indica/Sativa strain. Indica is inclined to the higher side and occupies 65%, with Sativa being 35%. Her indoor height goes to as high as 80cm, while in the case of an outdoor growing, she grows up to 200cm.

Her indoor flowering time ranges between 8 and 9 weeks, and outdoor growers find her ideal for harvesting in September. She is massively budded, and her THC crystals are shiny to bar her from getting affected by brilliant light reflections.

If you love appropriately brewed coffee, Super Skunk Fem is the best deal for including in your morning cup. 

Which effect does this strain give?

The feminized Super Skunk produces the typical effects of Indica. This is to say that you will be expecting profoundly relaxing effects, especially if your night was a tiring one. You can also vape, smoke, or hotbox this piece of dope at any given time, but the effects will always stand out.

Is this a beginner friendly strain to grow?

It is easier to grow Super Skunk Fem than smoking her! This means that this is a strain that every beginner, amateur, or veteran cannabis grower can genuinely call the best. There is no cause for worry when you would like to grow the Super Skunk fem. Also, she doesn’t need the grower’s attention now and then.

What is the average yield?

When grown indoors, the Super Skunk feminized strain yields up to 450gms per square meter, while in the case of an outdoor growing, you can expect to reap up to 600gms per square meter.

Like most Skunk versions, the feminized Super Skunk produces a sweet skunky flavor and aroma.

Shipping your Super Skunk Fem seeds

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