20 Weed Hacks

20 Weed Hacks

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In the pot stoning culture, you will undoubtedly agree that weed hacks form an integral part. Notably, everyone has their best tips to follow, but it wouldn’t hurt if you added more to your bucket-list. No so? Necessarily, if you are a newbie in ganja consumption, consider these stoner hacks as what you only need to get going. If, on the other hand, you are a veteran, have this refresher course right away.

Before delving even more in-depth, it is worth noting that these marijuana hacks are there to assist you have an enjoyable and easy way to smoke grass before that potent high kicks in.

1. Have your homemade grinder

Wait…we are not implying that buying a grinder shouldn’t count. In fact, a readymade grinder is the real deal when you are a newbie. It is durable and doesn’t come expensively. Nonetheless, if you cannot access one for whatever reason, then feel proud of manufacturing your grinder at home. These are the ideal steps to follow:

  • Look for a clean and dry pill bottle
  • Have some alcohol ready
  • Find a small coin (a penny or a dime will do)
  • Clean the coin using the alcohol
  • Put the cannabis bud in the pill bottle together with the coin and shake it.
  • That is now your homemade grinder. After intensive shaking, the collisions between the coin and the buds in the container will lead to finely ground cannabis.

This weed hack comes handy as it is inexpensive, and there is the pride that you have done the grinding yourself.

2. Stop unneeded burning after taking your hit

You can be sure to stop combustion with the usage of nickel. See, covering the bowl with a coin helps in preventing oxygen flow. This means that after taking your hit, the weed stops burning. This is a budget-friendly measure, especially when you are nearly running out of the stash.

3. Put some honey on the cannabis roll

Rolling a joint is unique for everyone. Some of us can roll their joint uniformly while others have no uniform way of doing their thing. Therefore, the dryness and consistency of the weed rolling play a major role in how the joint burns well.

Whenever there is a quick-burning of the joints and you enjoy how everything unfolds, putting some honey on the outer part of the rolling part enhances longevity, reduces quick burning, and this translates that you will enjoy your pot for a longer time.

4. Smoke before taking your meal

It goes beyond mention that you develop a sense of high mindfulness when high. As munchies would tend to overpower you, be sure to avoid being overindulged by taking your meal after smoking your grass.

That way, you develop a sharper focus on how the food is delicious and become even more mindful when you get full.

5. Store your pot well

A mason jar is the best piece of equipment to store your pot. This is so because mason jars are mostly airtight; thus, they keep the grass in the best condition and prevent fast degradation of the ingredients.

6. While lighting, lean back

Isn’t this basic? Understandably, yes. However, newbie pot users may commit this mistake and end up with burnt nose hairs or eyebrows.

In the normal indoor conditions, lighter flames tend to burn vertically. In an outdoor setting, checking the direction of the wind also helps determine how to position yourself.

In essence, learning forward means that the face will ultimately be close, which could lead to burnt hairs. Therefore, you should carefully and slightly lean back as you light the joint, especially when it has been half-smoked.

7. Pack your bong in a Gamecube controller

There is literally no better time for a stoner to use a Gamecube controller than in packing a bong. If you have one, then think of this marijuana hack. The controller helps in holding the bong head upward as you pack it.

8. Have a safety pin ready

A safety pin, a pair of tweezers, or a bobby pin come handy when a joint becomes such small that it is daunting to light it safely. Necessarily, these safety pieces of equipment help wedge a used joint such that there is an ease in lighting.

9. Recover spilled weed

As you prepare to take your first hit, you will probably drop some cannabis matter. This is undoubtedly a loss and could be huge if the spillage becomes more. Thankfully, a vacuum hose and a sock will help in doing away with what would otherwise have been enormous weed loss.

By using a clean sock, suck off the entire spilled weed and enjoy your ganja to the entirety.

10. Clean your pipe using a pipe cleaner

Perhaps you know the ordinary pipe cleaner. But did you know that it genuinely comes handy when cleaning cannabis pipes? Well, as a cannabis enthusiast, using it to clean your used pipe is the best way to give the ultimate justice to your helpful gadget.

If you don’t have one, your nearest drug and tobacco store and you will hopefully not get disappointed. Truly to how they get manufactured, they are the ultimate solution to cleaning resin from a bong or pipe.

11. Don’t cough while toking

This can best be achieved by filling the mouth before pulling in cannabis smoke (the French inhale method). This means that the cough reflex gets slowed, and you can hold the smoke in the lungs.

12. Get over the munchies

This weed hack helps big time when it comes to evading a cottonmouth. It can best be done by using a breath mint, chewing gum, or eating candy. This way, you do away with getting worried about subjecting your body to excessive calories and even helps in adding flavor to your pot.

13. Make cannabis tea

You may be left with some pieces of cannabis stems after smoking your favourite bowl. Instead of wondering what to do with them or throwing them away, making your homemade weed tea comes handy here. The recipe is entirely simple as you will only need to take hot water, some tea leaves, and grind the cannabis stem remnants.

Mix the ingredients and fancy your cannabis tea.

14. Seal a blunt using honey

In addition to helping a blunt burn a little bit slowly, honey also necessitates the holding of a blunt together. That way, there is no need to worry about your blunt giving you a hassling experience.

15. Eliminate odour after smoking

It won’t be among the best cannabis hacks if you leave odour in your bathroom after cannabis hotboxing or smoking in your living room. You can use air-fresheners or the dryer sheet method. As the former is self-explanatory, let’s see how you go about using the dryer sheet method.

  • Fix a dryer sheet to an end of an empty paper roll by using a rubber band
  • You now have a spoof. After inhaling, blow the ganja smoke through the open end of the paper roll.
  • The dryer sheet eliminates most of the odour but not all (it’s not foolproof).

16. Pack the bowl using a CD

The tiny bowl opening can make it an overwhelming experience to pack marijuana. Putting a CD on the bowl top and using the disc hole can help big time when it comes to stuffing the pot more easily. Fortunately, a bowl comes cheaply, and you can buy one if you lose your current bowl’s CD.

17. While smoking, have some ready coffee

If you don’t wish you high to get into waste, then be sure to take some coffee as you smoke. A coffee and cannabis combo is truly sensational.

18. Take a stoner nap

A power stoner nap is a favourite marijuana hack among many smokers. It involves taking a cup of coffee, a cannabis Indica hit and waking up moments later. 

19. Prevent pot from spilling out

This can best be done through the usage of a Frisbee as you roll your favourite joint. A Frisbee’s inside edge makes it a painstaking experience as there is no coming to terms with the already spilled stash. 

20. Exercise after smoking

Sativa strains help one’s moods remain elevated. These are helpful during the day. After your hit, be sure to take a hike or go swimming and feel refreshed.

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