Thai skunk

Thai Skunk is absolutely heavenly strain with an unforgettable taste: she’s sweet, she’s spicy, and she packs a punch. Smoking this one may even make you imagine you’re on a sunny beach in Thailand, she truly is that relaxing. Why not give our Thai Skunk marijuana seeds a try and find out for yourself?

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Smells good, tastes good

This strain has a gorgeous spiciness to her and smells as if she came right out of a Thai street food market. She also has woody undertones, like a crackling campfire, yet she is still sweet as candy. She looks pretty too as she is smothered in crystals, which means you know just by looking at her that she’s potent. 

A world famous strain

You may not know it, but Thai Skunk is actually part of the genetic heritage of a lot of famous strains, such as Juicy Fruit, Haze, and Amnesia. She’s world renowned and despite being around for decades remains incredibly popular.

Important information about Thai skunk

Thai Skunk has a soaring high 20% THC content and so you definitely get value for your money with this one. Not so much for beginners, this strain packs a punch – and may make you hit the major munchies! However, even though Thai Skunk is pretty strong you can still get stuff done after you smoke her as many users report that she induces a great focus, perfect for artistic people or those who have work to get through during the day. Thai Skunk also delivers a really pleasant feeling of euphoria and so you can’t really go wrong. 

What is the difficulty of growing this strain?

This strain is quite a simple one to grow as she can be cultivated both inside and out, though has a much higher yield if you grow her outside. Inside you can expect a harvest of around 400 grams per meter squared, and about double this if you grow her outside. You don’t need to wait too long for her either as she flowers in around 10 weeks if you treat her right.

Need more information?

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