Californian Skunk

The Californian Skunk, as the name gives away, has its origin from California. She came into existence as a result of crossing the California strain with Skunk. As Skunks have been famous in California since the 1980s, the fame still stands.

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What to expect from Californian Skunk strain?

It is a regular hybrid strain with 60% and 40% Indica and Sativa ratios, respectively. The Californian Skunk Cannabis Seeds trichomes are colored and get characterized by massive branches. This strain is also among the most potent strains on earth, thanks to her parental figures and a perfect ratio of Sativa and Indica. 

The strain is also resistant to pests and diseases, and even turbulent climatic conditions. As is the case with every other Californian strain, you can be sure to subject your Californian Skunk to sufficient humidity levels.

The flowering time is also short and ranges between 8 and 10 weeks. If you opt to go the outdoor cultivation way, you can be sure to reap your yields in October. 

The indoor and outdoor height is genuinely manageable and gets capped at 60cm and 190cm, respectively. This gives you the full potential to control how well it grows. 

Which effect does Californian Skunk strain give?

The effects that you garner after smoking the Californian Skunk dope are mostly mind-bending and induce a feeling of happiness. It also elevates one’s moods, thus ideal for starting a day that seems otherwise stressful or even revitalizing after a long day at work.

The mind gets up-beaten, and so its hit should be taken in moderations, precisely when you are not that veteran smoker.

What is the difficulty of growing California Skunk strain?

The strain does well in both indoor and outdoor environments, and you may find it easy or moderate to grow, depending on your preparation and the climatic conditions in your area. It may require some organic marijuana fertilizer, too, and coffee grounds should be helpful.

How much Yield can I expect from Californian Skunk seeds?

The Californian Skunk gives as high as 500gms per square meter in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Everything about the flavour

The versatile Californian regular strain produces a sweet and skunky taste and scent. A good candy indeed that best suits your taste buds.