White queen Marijuana Seeds

When at the seedbed, White Queen Marijuana Seeds look small. In fact, the seeds are very tiny. However, they grow to become very flamboyant and energetic stalks that harbour long branches and leaves. 

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What Makes This Strain So Special?

A few things make this marijuana strain a special one. 

First, it is not a hard-to-cultivate marijuana strain. You do not need any sophisticated tools or materials to cultivate this strain. With the simple and normal tools, you are able to germinate White Queen Marijuana seeds fast before you transplant them to your growing area.

Second, White Queen Marijuana Seeds start to flower at an early stage. In fact, White Queen is one of the marijuana strain seeds mentioned on our website that start to flower at the eighth week. Many of the strain seeds mentioned on our site start flowering at the ninth week with others picking it up as late as the tenth, eleventh, or even the twelfth week.

Third, many growers and experienced users say White Queen Marijuana lives up to be a true ‘Royal Queen.’ The strain features a remarkable fragrance, which is extremely sweet when vaped. 

You will definitely find White Queen Marijuana strain to be the most powerful yet delightful bouquet.

Lastly, White Queen Marijuana Seeds are 65% Indica with 35% sativa. Because it has a genetic background that takes it back to White Widow, the strain features a THC level of between 20% and 30%.

Which Effect Does This Strain Give?

Have you ever heard of a marijuana strain with intense yet powerful hypnotic fragrance? If yes, that is exactly what White Queen Marijuana Seeds grow up to become. As the crop continues to grow, it increases its fragrance dominion. 

Later, when you sit down to smoke her leaves or crush the buds to vape it, you will feel the smooth sensation. Besides, the buds produce enormous and fascinating aroma that clearly leaves you elevated throughout the day. 

Once smoked, White Queen Marijuana brings out its true colours. You will definitely become stoned and very strong. There is also an extreme feeling of exquisite happiness coupled with unrivaled energy feeling.

The life of a stress-free life starts to crop up upon the first sip of this strain with an induced calming effect. 

In addition, be ready to put plenty of food in your proximity because chances of having enhanced and catalyzed appetite are almost inevitable. At Amsterdam Marijuana Seedbank, we strongly advise you take a snack a few minutes before you start to chase this ‘royal queen’ and avail plenty of food thereafter.

What Is The Difficulty In Growing This Strain?

All strains with White Queen genetic background are hard to handle. If you are a novice grower, you had better study this strain a lot before you direct all your efforts into it. White Queen Marijuana Seeds need constant attention.

From day one, the seeds are not easy to germinate. However, you can make it a success if you use the right germination criterion, which will help in the quick germination of the seeds. A few days after transplanting the seedlings to the growing area, White Queen Marijuana will demand even more. 

Moderate watering of the seedlings at the right time will help you cut down any further loss of your crop. 

The other difficult thing you might encounter when growing White Queen Marijuana Seeds is ensuring humidity in the soil and in the air is kept at bay. This is not a simple exercise especially if you are planning to grow this ‘royal queen’ outdoors where you may not have total control over certain environmental conditions.

What Is Needed To Grow This Strain?

To grow White Queen Marijuana Seeds, you need a number of things namely:

Proper germination method – We cannot emphasize enough. White Queen Marijuana Seeds are hard to germinate. Even with good and rich top soil, White Queen Marijuana Seeds are stubborn. As such, you need to figure out, which marijuana seed germination mechanism works best for you.

You might want to try soaking the seeds before taking them to the seedbed.

Less humid environment – When you finally take the seedlings from the seedbed to the actual growing ground, you will need to ensure the level of humidity in the soil is kept at bay. Maintaining low soil humidity helps send away molds and other pesticides that attack your weed.

Early application of marijuana fertilizer – Early application of the right nutrients will work wonders for your crops. Remember, White Queen Marijuana Seeds start to flower at the eighth week, with some plants (although rare), flowering at the seventh week.

When you apply fertilizer early, it helps your crops to start fluorishing early enough in preparation for flowering at the right time.

Constant attention – As mentioned earlier, White Queen Marijuana is a demanding strain. She needs to be nurtured, tended, and looked after. In short, White Queen Marijuana is an attention seeker. 

If you know so, you will need to monitor the performance of your crop from time to time. Check on the colour of leaves, whether there are fallen leaves, branches, and any other strange things that might endanger the growth of your ‘royal queen’ thus affecting your subsequent yield.

How Much Yield Can I Expect From This Seed?

White Queen Marijuana is a moderate strain, with a reasonable yield. With proper attention and excellent care tips, you are likely to harvest up to 500 grams, which is an equivalent of 18 ounces when grown indoors from a space that measure one square meter 

The same space in an outdoor cultivation of White Queen Marijuana Seeds, will give you up to 600 grams or some 21 ounces. The strain grows to hit approximately 70 centimeters tall when cultivated indoors and 200 centimeters when grown outdoors.

The right months to harvest this strain when grown outdoors are September or October.

Everything About The Flavour/Scent

White Queen Marijuana Seeds grow to produce a strong hypnotic scent that makes one stoned in an instant. A royal fragrance also describes White Queen Marijuana strain. When crushed, the buds produce a fascinating scent filled with sophisticated narcotic feeling.