What Is Cannabis Micro Cultivation?

What Is Cannabis Micro Cultivation?

cannabis micro cultivation
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You hear a lot about cannabis micro cultivation lately, but what does it mean exactly? The core of micro cultivation is that you only use a few seeds. You grow your cannabis plants in a small space and try to get everything out of it in terms of quality. Not the quantity, but the quality is key in micro cultivation. You try to grow on a small scale as qualitatively as possible. The ultimate goal of micro cultivation is to produce the best possible buds. Have you become enthusiastic about this way of growing weed? Read on and let’s get started!

The essence of cannabis micro cultivation

The essence of micro cultivation is that you try to achieve the best possible quality with a few marijuana plants. Because you only grow a few plants, you only need a small space. Micro cultivation is preferably indoors, but it is much smaller than a regular indoor setup. With micro growing you make smart use of a small space, and that is precisely the challenge. You could use any space, so get creative and check every possible spot you have available in your house. Do you have a kitchen cupboard that is not being used? From now on it will be! Do you have a small storage room? Clean out all unnecessary junk, and install a growing space! The challenge is to create the ideal space and conditions, regardless of the space. No matter how small the space is, a plant will fit in!

Which weed strain for cannabis micro cultivation?

cannabis micro cultivation

With microculture you have limited space. This is part of the challenge. That is why it is important to choose the right weed strain. There are marijuana strains that grow up to the ceiling in just weeks without any difficulty. But now it is important to choose a weed strain that has a lot of quality to offer and also remains relatively small and wide. In particular, the height is a point to pay attention to. Indica strains are usually bushy and short. While sativas grow tall and slim. In addition, sativa strains have the ability to grow up even more in the flowering phase. In the flowering phase they can increase by as much as 300% in length! That is very inconvenient in a limited space, so keep that in mind. Bottom line, for microculture, indica strains are much better.

Autoflowering weed strains

Another good option for micro-culture is autoflowering strains. Autoflowering strains remain very small thanks to their genetic profile. They often stay even smaller than pure indica strains. Another big advantage of autoflowering strains is that they are not sensitive to a change in light. They naturally switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase, regardless of a change in the light scheme. This means that they have a shorter harvest time.

Grow techniques for cannabis micro cultivation

The biggest, and actually the only difference, between a normal way of growing and a micro cultivation is the space. With micro cultivation the starting point is that everything fits in a very small space. But despite that small space, no concessions are made in terms of quality. Because there is only a small space, it is often grown with bushy, low, wide plants. And as you probably know, it is possible to adjust and influence the size of a cannabis plant.

Influence the size of the cannabis plant 

To influence the size of the plant is possible with various grow techniques such as ScrOG (screen of green), topping, and LST (anti stress training). With topping, as the name suggests, the top of the plant is cut off. As a result, the plant will produce more side branches and there will be more volume in the width instead of in height. This makes the plant bushy and it will produce more buds. There is also the HST technique, or high stress training. With this technique you partially break the stem of the main branch, so that it is almost broken and the plant produces more side branches. This makes the plant wider instead of higher.

Micro cultivation is about quality

The main goal of cannabis micro cultivation is to focus on quality. There is nothing better than smoking weed that is very high in quality, sticky and rich in trichomes, with a wonderful taste and aroma … and then knowing that you have done it all yourself!

Do you have any additions? Put them in the comment box below!

AK47 XTRM Auto Fem is a perfect strain for cannabis micro cultivation.

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