What is Live Resin?

What is Live Resin?

what is live resin?
what is live resin?
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Live Resin is a very strong cannabis concentrate. It has a lot of aroma and is therefore loved by many cannabis concentrate users. But what exactly is Live Resin? How is it made and what is the difference with other marijuana concentrates such as BHO?

The time that marijuana is only smoked from a (water)pipe or in a blunt lies far behind us. Technological developments are going fast and there are always new and interesting ways to consume cannabis. Everyone can find a way to use cannabis in the most pleasant way. Developments are also going fast in the area of marijuana concentrates. More is being discovered every day so that we can get the most out of cannabis. In this article we continue to talk about such an interesting new development. Welcome to the wonderful world of Live Resin.

What is live resin exactly?

live resin

The most commonly used method to extract the effective ingredients from marijuana is the BHO method. Live resin is basically a derivative of BHO but it is more about quality. The focus is more on a purer profile in terms of taste and aroma. On the other hand, the live resin production method is more complicated. BHO is slightly easier to make.

Difference between live resin and BHO

When making live resin, flower tops are used that are fresh but then quickly frozen. So no dried and cured flower tops are used. This freezing process ensures the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids. And that greatly benefits the taste and aroma of the concentrate. However, this complex production method requires special equipment. Making such a concentrate at home i therefore not possible. Or you will have to make a substantial investment and purchase specialist equipment.

The curing and drying of cannabis buds is a precise job. Even though the drying and curing process works as it should, half of terpenes can be lost. And it is the terpenes that provide taste and aroma. That is why this method of making live resin opts for the use of fresh buds. Many other concentrates use dried marijuana.

The production goes through the exposure to butane. But it can also be made by CO2 extraction. When the extraction is finished, the plant material goes into a vacuum oven for a while to purify. Compared to BHO, live resin is slightly more fluid, because it contains more terpenes. It is not as hard as concentrates such as shatter. The taste and aroma, however, is incomparably of high quality.

OG Kush

O.G. Kush XTRM Feminized is often used for the production of cannabis concentrates. But it is not advisable to make concentrates yourself at home, as the production process is too specialized. But you can enjoy OG Kush by rolling it into a delicious blunt or joint, or by vaping or putting it in a pipe. So enjoy!

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