Brick weed – What is it?

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Brick weed is something that, if you’re young, or new to smoking, you probably haven’t heard of before. This is because it’s a concept that has almost died out due to the legalization of cannabis in lots of countries across the globe. In this article, I’m going to go into depth about what brick weed is (or was, rather) as well as explain the events that came before its downfall. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

Brick Weed: The 411

Pretty much exactly as it sounds, brick weed is marijuana that has been compressed into the shape of a brick. In its heyday, brick weed was incredibly common in North America, though particularly in the USA where it was smuggled in from Mexico. As you have probably already thought, brick weed is super easy to hide and, so, transport, given its shape, making it a very common product choice for drug smugglers. 

Don’t get me wrong – brick weed is still alive and kicking in some parts of the world. It is actually still sold in quite high quantities in and around South America and Asia. 

Is it any good?

In short, no. in some parts of the world (and I’m talking way back when), brick weed may have been pretty decent. But now? Most brick weed tends to be packed with seeds and stems and, as a result, is incredibly harsh on a smoker’s lungs and throat. This is likely down to cultivators attempting to cut costs. 

Why is brick weed no longer popular?

Well, the primary reason for this is legalization. With people now being able to get ahold of top-shelf products easily – and legally – people are far less likely to go to the trouble of purposely trying to get brick weed. If you can walk around the corner to your local shop and buy some potent weed, why on earth would brick weed even cross your mind? It wouldn’t? Exactly.  

Happy smoking!

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