Brick weed: what is it and how to make it

Brick weed: what is it and how to make it

Brick Weed
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If you can remember days back when there were no cell phones or computers in your homes, you probably know what brick weed is. If not, then your parents can be conversant with this type of weed. Chances are, it was the only way to take weed that was available during those dark days. However, you might be wondering why it is called brick. Okay, it is more like what the name means. 

What is Brick weed?

Brick weed is marijuana that is compressed into a brick shape. It can be any marijuana strain harvested and compressed together to take the shape of a brick. This method made it simple to hide and transport it to other places. If you are a young reader, you might have missed this old-time gold. However, you might have heard some old stoners talk of the “sweet brick weed” and wondered. 

It was used to smuggle weed from Thailand and Mexico

In the early days, weed cultivation was highly prohibited in many nations and was therefore very rare. It was a black market business, and the participants could reap a lot of money without much struggle ending up in a poor quality product. The few growers could not transport their weed commercially in special trucks. Therefore, the smugglers were forced to compress the marijuana leaves in the shape of a brick to enable them to secretly sneak in and out of other countries. The bricks were then easily packed in concealable packages. Mexico and Thailand were the primary producers in those days.

The weed comes with a fusty and musty smell that resembles that of ammonia. This smell is mainly the reason behind the unpleasant quality of the brick weed.

Brick of marijuana

How do you make brick weed?

Making brick is a simpler task than you think. When it’s time to harvest, the entire branches are plied and piled together, after which you expose them to the sun to allow them dry. Due to many branches put together, most of the weed rarely dries completely. This dampness is the cause of the ammonia smell on the brick weed. 

When the branches are dry, the buds are plucked off the branches and put in a hydraulic press, which compresses a massive amount of 50 kilograms. The huge brick is then cut into smaller bricks ready for smuggling.

Why the quality is inferior to normal cannabis

You will sometimes hear some cannabis smokers of those days talk of an amazing taste of brick weed. Well, it used to be mind-blowing back then as the present cannabis strains that dominate today’s market were far from their reach. However, since it was grown in far America, you could hardly come across any fresh or appealing brick weed.

If you consider the process that gives rise to the brick weed, you will find the reason for its inferiority.

First, the leaves do not dry well since they are put in a huge pile of branches, making it hard for the sun rays to penetrate through. The damp buds, mostly rot giving rise to the unpleasant aroma that mimics ammonia. Even if the buds are dried well, the long duration that the weed stays in the brick makes it brittle and crumbly.

Secondly, during the compressing process, the leaves are put together in a hydraulic press without picking. Both wet and dry buds together with stalks, leaves, seeds, and flowers find their way into the compressor.

When compressing the buds, you destroy the trichomes or kief that contain the majority of the marijuana THC, thus destroying its therapeutic properties. Of course, many people enjoyed the weed, but if you want a strong high with a good aroma, the brick weed is not the one.

Does this mean all the Brick Weed is of a terrible quality?

The answer is not straightforward as you would expect. The reason being, the quality of the brick weed is hidden in the producers’ minds. It is always a matter of trust to the seller. However, you will always not get the high you want and will pity those that used it as the only option in the market.

As said, the weed is not necessarily taken from a low-quality strain. Sometimes it is harvested from an appealing strain only to be subjected to this unhealthy packaging process that diminishes the quality of the strain used no matter how high it is.

As we expounded above, the weed always arrives at the destination after a long stay in the brick, and by then, you can’t tell if the weed was of high quality since it will have already rotten and having a nasty smell with non-appealing color. Again, when compressing, many unwanted parts find their way into the commercial machine, and the end product is way far from the purity you desire.

In this video, Lex Blazer explains why Brick Weed is of such a terrible quality. Lex Blazer is a Youtuber and cannabis teacher, teaching you everything from rolling a joint to growing a marijuana plant.

Brick weed in hand

How to Smoke Brick Weed

Smoking the brick weed is easy. It is consumed just as the other weed strain, except you, should separate it to get the individual weed before smoking.

To separate the brick, we prefer using steam from hot water. Wrap the weed on a paper towel and hold it on top of steam. The weed will be tender and can easily separate. After separating, you can go on to smoke. 

Many smokers are familiar with the various methods to enjoy their flower depending on one’s preference and situation. However, below are two of the common methods.

  • How to Smoke a Joint

Most beginners and seasoned smokers prefer this method, as it is the easiest and cheapest method. All you need is the rolling paper, which is affordable and easily available in convenience shops- most of which are made from wood- and your weed. A grinder is also helpful, but it is not necessary. 

Like many other strains, you take the brick weed that you previously separated and roll it on a paper. Use a lighter to light one end of the joint, and then you are good to enjoy your flower. 

This method is old but most popular, with the only disadvantage being it fast burning.

  • How to Smoke a Pipe

This is another way that many smokers prefer. It involves less hassle to set it up. This method is probably the best method to enjoy your weed. Pipes are light handheld devices that come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. They range from glass, metal to clay.

All you need to do is fill your separated brick weed into the pipe and light it. In addition, you are ready to go.

If your pipe has a hole, make sure to close it when lighting and open it only to inhale the smoke.

What other ways to smuggle weed did people use?

Since weed was the most prohibited drug in those dark days, people had to invent ways to smuggle them. The ways are not so different from the present time, where we continue to witness drugs like cocaine and others being smuggled repeatedly. They include hiding weed in foodstuff and fruits like coconuts, watermelons among others.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do People Still Sell Brick Weed?

A: During the dark days, when there was a serious prohibition of weed, the smuggled brick weed used to take the lead. In the present day, several governments have become reluctant with others having authorized weed cultivation; the brick weed has become rare.

However, due to this competition, its price has significantly reduced; it costs a quarter or less of the common cannabis strains. This price has made some people go for it. Some of the long time smokers still cherish the taste and smell of the weed making the dealers avail of it. However, this weed is unheard of and forgotten in some places.

Q: Does All Brick Weed Taste the Same?

A: As we stated earlier, brick weed can be any weed, ranging from the best to the worst quality. However, the compressing of the undried and untreated buds diminishes the quality. This results in rotting and a nasty smell. This repugnant smell is common in all the brick weed.

Q: Does Brick Weed Still Contain a Lot of THC?

A: No, it doesn’t. Imagine when you take fresh leaves and crush them with a compressor. This exactly is what happens to the brick weeds. While compressing them, you destroy particles called trichomes, commonly known as kief, which holds many of the weed THC and many other cannabinoids, thus reducing its THC amounts.

Q: Is Brick Weed worth Purchasing?

A: No! Although brick weed is the cheapest pot, you’re always not guaranteed. If you are not so familiar, the dealer can give you fake qualities of the weed to entice you into the deal. You will end up spending money equivalent to the worth of the best cannabis on this inferior weed.


The brick weed was popular and probably the only pot available in the early day. With the fast-changing world, this is no longer the case, as we have witnessed the legalization of marijuana in many nations hence the invention of diverse cannabis strains. This legalization has seen a drastic reduction of the poor quality brick weed and complete extermination in various nations.

If quality is anything to go by, this weed is simply not the best. It is worth is deteriorating with time, and seemingly, it will completely disappear in the future. This is because today’s stoners have generously embraced the diversification of the marijuana world.

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