The Effects Of THC And CBD

The Effects Of THC And CBD

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A cannabis plant contains of many different substances. In the medical field the cannabinoids are the most important and the most studied. The effects of THC And CBD are the most researched. Recent studies show that the individual cannabinoids do have an effect. But they really can make a difference if they work together. This demonstrates the importance of more research into the collaboration of substances. Rather than research into the individual effects of the cannabinoids.

Differences between THC and CBD

The effects of CBD

A remarkable fact is that in many studies on THC, subjects receive pure THC. But this does not occur in the natural environment. Many recent studies do not focus on the individual properties of the two cannabinoids. But on the collaboration between the two. Logical, because THC in weed is always in combination with other substances such as CBD. And it does not stand on its own. Research has also shown that cannabis strains with a higher CBD content have a more positive effect on memory. This is in contrast to weed strains that contain less CBD. This research used prose. The study participants were asked to recall certain parts of prose. And in people who smoked cannabis with a high cannabidiol level, a better brain activity was found in the area of memory.

How they interact

We should give the marijuana culture a heads up and support all scientists in doing more research into how cannabis works and how we can use their medical potential. Many studies show positive results on the combined effects of THC en CBD. Maybe soon we will have a situation where you can ask for a cannabis product in the drugstore, and adjust that to your needs. In some countries this is already (almost) a reality. Another study shows that CBD has antipsychotic properties. In this study, different groups of participants consumed only THC. And there were groups that consumed THC as well as CBD. The third group got nothing. The end result of this study concluded in the fact that the participants that got CBD and THC had the least psychotic problems. This again shows the fact that the combination of the two can make the difference. 

Too positive about CBD?

A lot of CBD promotion is not always reliable. Conclusions are often more positive then the issued study shows. A lot of people like to believe and like to make people believe that CBD is a miracle product, but we need to stick to real, hard evidence, don’t you think! Hey, we are believers too, we are on the positive, pro CBD side! But we are also realists and promote good, honest information and promotion on the side of CBD. This cannabinoid and its properties are too precious and therefore we just need to be a bit careful with it. 

The point is that because cannabis is still illegal in many countries, companies do little research. Research would be possible on a much larger scale, if cannabis was legalized. Suppose that larger multinationals get to work with it. This would cause a rapid acceleration if they do research with their mega budgets. The predictions are also that this will happen in the near future. Multinationals in the US and Canada have already indicated that they are scanning different routes to market CBD and THC products. For example, the Coca Cola company says that they leave all options open for bringing a CBD drink onto the market. It seems that they are already ready for it, and have already tested the drink. It is now only legally prohibited, the world is not yet ready for it. But this will change soon! 

Health benefits and CBD / THC ratio

In any case, it is certain that THC and CBD are two cannabinoids that individually have great health benefits. But with the combined effects of THC and CBD even more beautiful things are possible. Keep this in mind when selecting a weed strain, whether you are going to grow a strain or consume cannabis. And always look at the CBD / THC ratio in that particular strain.

CBDoc: strain with a balanced CBD/THC ratio

Are you looking for a type of weed that is packed with both CBD and THC? Then CBDoc is the perfect strain for you. Seeds of this strain grow into fantastic shrubs with a high yield. The THC to CBD ratio is 1:1 and therefore perfectly balanced. Buy CBDoc seeds today and grow your own weed plant with powerful medical properties.

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